Threadwatch Editors Guide

Threadwatch does not employ traditional moderators, so far we have had no need to. However, with drive by spam and trackback spam it has become necessary to rely on some of the regular members to help out with deleting such annoyances.

Regular members, will be asked if they can "lend a hand" from time to time. There is no glory, no secret forums and quite frankly, nothing to gain whatsoever as those asked will also be asked to keep their extra permissions to themselves. All of this is an effort to maintain the "your as good as your last post" philosophy that Threadwatch runs under. I want to avoid "them and us" situations and atmosphere's that plague other communities at all costs - but i want to have my cake and eat it aswell :) hence asking for a little help from the regulars...

Threadwatch editor status is temporary, i'd like to avoid placing responsibility for too long on any individuals, if you're asked if you have time to help out a bit, it'll only be for a few weeks, then we'll pass that responsibility on to another unlucky soul heh..

Guide for Threadwatch Editors

The following is a short set of instructions on how to remove spam, and in extreme circumstances, lock or unpublish a thread untill i can look at it personally.
Golden Rules

  • Do not make your extra permissions public
  • If in doubt, leave it untill i can get there
  • Never delete anything - just unpublish it and notify me

Removing Drive by's and TB Spam

On each post, you will see an "edit" tab at the top near the title. If the post is pure spam, then simply click the edit tab, and then uncheck 'published'. Please pm me a link to the unpublished thread.

There should rarely be reason to unpublish anything except blatant spam. Shit happens though, and if for example somebody posts something rascist or otherwise repugnant on the site, then by all means use your discretion - please only unpublish it though - do NOT delete.

Trackbacks show up as comments
At the bottom of a comment you will see a delete link, just click it, it's dead easy - tb spam can always be deleted but if you're in any doubt, or if a comment has been posted that is again repugnant in some way then please just unpublish it. You can do that by choosing to "edit" the comment and unchecking the published box.

In some cases, no delete link will be shown. This happens on locked threads for example - To deal with these, just go to the administer menu and choose comments - you should be able to see the comment your looking for in the list, and you can delete it directly from that page.

Locking Threads

On the basis that I've locked less than half a dozen threads in 4mts, you should never need to do this - if you think something needs looking at, then by all means point it out to me in pm (though i do read everything posted here). If however you feel that it cannot wait for me to look at personally, click the edit tab, and set the comments to read-only and alert me in pm.

Promoting Threads

When you click the edit tab, you'll also see an option to promote the post to the homepage - please use sparingly and do not promote your own posts unless it's genuine breaking news of course :) I pretty much like to choose what goes on the homepage myself for the time being, but breaking news should always go there so if you see member submitted news, and you're sure it really *is* news, then please promote it. If in doubt, leave it where it is...

If in doubt...

If you're ever in doubt about something, it's best to leave it and let me know - i really do only need help with blatant spam so you should not really have to make decisions about member post at all - if you find something that you really think requires some action, unless it's really, really bad - just bring it to my attention and i'll sort it out :-)


Finally, thankyou. It's amazing that in such a short time Threadwatch has now got the point where i need to ask for a little help in managing it and it's greatly appreciated. There is no need to volunteer to help, i pretty much just ask whoever i happen to be talking to at the time of need, but if you do spot stuff that needs attention i would be greatful for a pm :)