KRAKEN uses machine learning to optimize videos for virality

What if you could get more people to view and share your videos and stay on them longer by basically split testing which image in the video works the best?

Youtube Copyright Fights - Owning a Channel Isn't Easy

Anyone out there have a favorite "Youtuber" personality? No? That's ok - it's mostly for the younger kids these days.

Mobile Video Viewership up 200% Year-Over-Year

It should be no surprise to anyone that more people are watching videos on their mobile devices.

YouTube, look out for Facebook

When 2014 kicked off, YouTube was on top of the game for online video.

YouTube carousel in Google Search

There is a new Carousel at search for Miley Cyrus followed by the word "songs ie "miley cyrus songs" and you will see it.

Linking your YouTube channel and your Google+ page & multi-admin management

There's finally a simple way to link your YouTube channel to your G+ pages, as well as the ability to assign upload and edit rights to multiple managers for your channel.

Finally Google teaches YouTube to Spell

A very under rated but powerful feature of Google search is understanding spelling mistakes and user intent.

Pre-Google-ownership searching for stuff on YouTube was always a drama if you didn’t know the exact right spelling. The result was always ‘no matches found.’

The Code Monkey Song

first verse:

Quote: Code Monkey get up get coffee Code Monkey go to job Code Monkey have boring meeting With boring manager Rob Rob say Code Monkey very dilligent But his output stink His code not "functional" or "elegant" What do Code Monkey think? Code Monkey think maybe manager want to write god damned login page himself ... ...

Viacom to YouTube - take it down!

First chink I've seen in the google scraper/entitlement biz model.

Quote: Viacom said its pirated programs on YouTube generate about 1.2 billion video streams, based on a study from an outside consultant.

Google Video & YouTube Search Results Combined

The search function on Google video is now listing results from YouTube alongside the usual Google Video results.

For example a search for "cars" returns results with YouTube results underneath and when clicked on you are redirected through to the YouTube site.

CBS - Sit Down and Shut Up, this is TV 2.0

The now Google owned YouTube took a small but meaningful step away from user generated content and towards corporate friendliness today by "hiding comments" - via NY Times

YouTube - Bring in da' Noise, Bring in da' Junk

In an effort to make it easier for people to publish their own videos (and not copyrighted material) YouTube will now be letting people record directly from a webcam and microphone straight into YouTube via

It was inevitable YouTube

TOKYO - The popular video-sharing site YouTube deleted nearly 30,000 files after a Japanese entertainment group complained of copyright infringement.

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Matt Cutts Issues Videos on SEO and Webmaster Basics

Pretty Cool, Matt Cutts posts Videos on basics of SEO and Webmastering...

Shawn Hogan of Digital Point Battles the MPAA

This is an issue that has been going on in the background for a little while but now is getting some main stream press in Wired Magazine

iRiver U10

Interest in gadgets seems to have waned recently, but I am still a gadgets man. How about this one. Anyone who has used it have any views on the iRiver U10 . Good, bad, indifferent??

Google Video Ads

Google announced they are rolling out video AdSense ads this week.

All Your Phone Calls Are Belong to Us

The NSA has been amassing a record of ordinary domestic phone calls. Qwest did not participate in the program, but it sounds as though AT&T, Verizon and BellSouth did.

9/11 Conspiracy theories and mainstream TV

9/11 Theories will never get air time on western controlled telly. And this is threadwatch so shouldn't we point to some non-SEO threads?

This one is brilliant. Whether you believe it or not, it's great TV.

Tivo Wins DVR Damages against EchoStar

Tivo, makers of the popular digital video recorder by the same name, recently won their lawsuit against EchoStar.

TiVo claimed EchoStar violated its patent for a "multimedia time warping system" to pause, rewind or fast-forward live TV programs by recording them on a hard drive.