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E.U. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Discussion for Webmasters

There's an interesting discussion on the E.U.'s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which comes into full force in May 2018.

Yahoo's data breach of 1 billion, upped by Verizon to 3 billion accounts

Now that Verizon has get its feet well under the desk, the audit to the data breach of 1 billion accounts at Yahoo has now been upped to 3 billion accounts, and some of that data included birth dat

Google proposes to display rival comparison engine via auction to prevent further EU fines

 Google offered to display rival comparison engines via auction system, as reported by

In precedient setting case - US court rules that LinkedIN cannot prevent scrapers

A US federal judged ruled last monday that LinkedIN (owned by microsoft), cannot prevent scraping.

Facebook has a tool to help them monitor potential acquisitions and rivals

Facebook has a tool to help it identify start-up competitors

Google pays professors as part of academic influence campaign

According to the wall street journal, as part of its anti-trust battle plan, G

July 12 "Battle for the Net" With Facebook and Google taking part over Net neutrality

On July 12 Google, Faceboo, Amazon, Mozilla, and others, are taking part in "Battle for the Net." It's protest action the companies are taking to highlight the issues to save Net neutrality.

News industry seeks collective bargaining against Google & Facebook

As reported by verge here, the News Media Alliance is asking congress for co

Google hit with antitrust fine of $2.7 billion over shopping comparison service

Google has been fined by the European Commission $2.7 billion for breaching antitrust regulations and abusing its dominance to favor its own comparison shopping service.

Google Chrome Ad Blocking Explained

In April a story broke that Google was to introduce an ad blocker to Chrome, however, it was slightly misunderstood, but expalined in a detailed thread at WebmasterWorld.

Ad Click Bots Discovered in Games Apps in Google Play Store

According to researchers, some game apps in the Google Play store are harboring links to ad click bot malware, and it's reckoned the apps have been downloaded by as much as 80 million times.

DuckDuckGo Reaches Past 10 Billion Searches - 4 Billion Were in 2016

Good news for those of you who support search engine alternatives to Google and Bing - DuckDuckGo is celebrating another milestone.

"Methbot" is one of "the most profitable bot operations in existence"

The bot operation called "Methbot" watches up to 300 million video-based ads every day automatically.

New Yahoo Hack announced: More than 1 billion accounts from 2013 stolen

Yahoo has just confirmed a new hack from 2013 which surpasses the previous 500,000 million.

Just in Time for Black Friday - Amazon Drops the Hammer and Deletes 500,000 Incentivized Reviews

Back in October, Amazon warned that they would be taking a serious look at incentivized reviews on their platform. Now, just in time for the holidays, they've made good on their word.

Phishers Certainly Are Using AMP Pages Effectively

Be aware that if you get an email from, it could be from a phishing site.

If Google Wants to Keep Up, They Need to Fix Their Direct Answers

Google's direct answer system is riddled with errors. It's a disaster on mobile devices and will be an even bigger problem for Google Home.

Google gets an extension from E.U. over Android antri-trust practices, and a fine is expected

Google/Alphabet and Android are in hot water with the E.U. over anti-trust practices relating to the pre-loading of Google apps on smartphones.

Some Sellers Report an Increase in Required Reviews for AdWords Star Ratings to Appear

In order to get some stars and seller reviews showing up in AdWords ads, businesses are currently told that they need at least 30 reviews.

Alphabet is Making Bank

Alphabet (and therefore Google) saw year on year profit growth of 24% for Q2 2016.