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Adblockers: Prevalence and Popularity

How often do Adblockers come up in casual conversation? That's the subject of this WebmasterWorld thread.

Another Rough Week for Google

A class action lawsuit about AdWords can proceed, the U.S. Supreme Court says. Well, really they declined to hear the case.

Google's Paris Office Raided By Investigators Over Alleged Unpaid Taxes

Google's Paris office has been raided by investigators where Google is accused of owing the French state

Are Monthly SEO Contracts a Scam?

People can be skeptical of a lot of SEO practices. Is the method of payment one of them?

Is Zombie Traffic Just Mis-Matched Traffic?

For what feels like half a year or more, zombie traffic has been plaguing all sorts of websites.

UK Courts Rule With Google in Anti-Competitive Lawsuit

Over in the EU, Google has been battling an antitrust case for a while now.

When Online Reviews Are Business, Don't Be Surprised When Businesses Take Action Against Libel

Ever wondered where the line is between a disgruntled, fake review and cold, hard, libel?

Google Paid a Hefty Price for Default iOS Search

Both Google and Apple tried to have the $1 billion figure hidden from the public when it came to light in court documents for a case between Oracle and Google. Journalists got to it first though.

Yahoo Backs Out of Alibaba Sale

Yahoo has been determined to complete a tax-free spinoff of its stake in Alibaba, even after the IRS said it might not fly.

Social Logins: The Solution to Cart Abandonment?

Only 66% of users on complex payment systems will complete a transaction - making cart abandonment a major issue for ecommerce sites.

Online Reputation Case Studies by Industry from Techavation

Dealing with reputation issues, identity theft, negative reviews, and viral bad publicity are all issues businesses and SEOs face regularly.

1,114 Fake Reviewers Are On Amazon's Chopping Block

You can buy a fake review for $5 or less in some circles - but the real cost of a fake review might be increasing soon.

FTC Cracks Down on Videos and Tweet Promotions

Videos without proper endorsement disclosures are being targeted by the FTC, according to the SEM Post.

The Deflation of Wikipedia

You might have heard that Google is sending Wikipedia less traffic these days. This was probably put to you in unnecessarily explosive terms.

Google Has a New Parent Company - Alphabet

Google is reorganizing under the umbrella of a new parent company called Alphabet, hoping to keep its eclectic ducks in a row.

Looks like Google wants to hire an SEO!

Calling all SEOs - the Empire is seeking a new Viceroy.

Users who install Java will now be getting Yahoo on the side

In and effort to attract more users, Yahoo has announced a partnership with Oracle so that everytime a user updates Java, they may be switched to Yahoo.

Thumbtack Penalty Post-Script: A Juicy Mystery

Well, that's all she wrote - it took less than a week for Thumbtack's penalty to be lifted. But the story's not over.

Thumbtack, a Google Capital Backed Website, Smacked For Unnatural Links

Leave it to the king of the spiders to weave a tangled web.

Forbes: Are You Spending Your Information-Security Budget On The Wrong Technology?

Security is so complicated now. Read this to find out what other kinds of security you should use that you probably haven't even thought of yet.