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Google in dispute with SEC on tax accounting

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California (Reuters) - Google Inc. disclosed in its 2006 annual report on Thursday that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission nearly a year ago had called into question how it accounted for income taxes.

$20M lawsuit against Yahoo

Yahoo are being sued by Shannon Stoval for $20 Million because Yahoo used her photo, allegedly without permission, to promote the Yahoo Mail Service

Godaddy grabs a valuable domain name from their customer because of invalid email and profits from it.

There is a huge scandal developing about the behaviour of Godaddy.

The owner of was surprised to find that he no longer owned the domain, which had not expired. Godaddy had received a complaint about invalid email address and sent an email to this invalid email address demanding the owner correct his invalid email address and predictably when no action was taken by the unaware domain owner (whose mailing address and phone number were correct!) godaddy grabbed the domain to itself and then either sold it for profit or kept it and with it valuable typein traffic.

Microsoft : Google was a 'wake up call'

Watching Google Inc. rake in advertising revenue "was a wake-up call within Microsoft," the company's top technical executive, Ray Ozzie, said Tuesday. But he said Microsoft plans to do more than simply mimic Google by rolling out Web-based versions of desktop programs or following its particular search and advertising model.

Microsoft Get Medical Care

From the NY Times

Microsoft are buying a medically focussed search company called Medstory Inc.,

Pro Golfer Sues Education Consultants Over Wikipedia Profile Edit

Josef Silny & Associates is being sued by Pro golfer Fuzzy Zoeller for Vandalizing his profile.

Price Gouging 2.0, MSN Adcenter out does Google

Reports are popping up of MSN Adcenter changing bid amounts and charging as much as $843.92 a click. On my own accounts I have phrases that were at ten cents that have been inflated to $79 a click. Even more worrisome is that the bid amounts don't reflect the change.

Proposed Law in New York to Ban Sale of Domain Names to Terrorists

Cybercrime Law reports on bill A5026/S63 in the New York State Legislature which would make it a crime under New York State law to knowingly sell domain names to terrorist organizations. Cybercrime Law goes on to cite what it believes is the relevant portion of the bill:

Google and YouTube Lose CBS deal

When it rains it pours: A deal between Google Inc. and CBS Corp. that would let YouTube users watch clips from CBS shows such as "The Late Show with David Letterman," has unraveled

Cold to Google, Viacom partners with Joost

Viacom today announced a content distribution partnership with Internet TV startup Joost, just weeks after the media giant's relationship with Google fell apart.

We Did-It to Ourselves!

Did-It's CEO Resigns as Dit It's Vice President of Industry Relations (sic) backpeddles

Google Builds Terminator

In a speech Friday night to the Annual American Association for the Advancement of Science conference, Google co-founder Larry Page stated that Google was developing Artificial Intelligence and that the company wasn't far off from completing real Artificial Intelligence.

MySpace Lawsuit Dismissed; Judge Cites CDA of 1996

In case you missed it (I certainly did), a recent Myspace lawsuit has been dismissed and Terry Heaton has a great writeup about what it means to the media and websites:

Scott Karp, Get a Clue About SEO Before You Go Bad Mouthing it

Here we go again... yet another mis-informed person blaming SEO for Google's bad results. Now I read Scott Karp's Publishing 2.0 regularly because I am a fan. However his post today What Gives SEO A Bad Name just proves that he should stick to the topics that he knows well.

Viacom: Thanks YouTube but we'll host our own videos!

Quote: Viacom has apparently decided to end its spat with YouTube by taking its proverbial ball (Comedy Central video clips) and going home (its own web sites). Viacom clips can now be embedded in other web pages—just like YouTube clips—but Viacom will be in control of the content.

Google hands over personal user info

Google complies with a subpeona to hand over personally identifiable information on some users who uploaded videos of TV programs. Full story here:

Neil Patel - The Buzz Princess

The wall street journal has done a article titled the wizards of buzz. It profiles the top people on digg and SMO in general. Neil Patel is the only SEO I recognize of the profiled people.

Yahoo Gives up on forums

It looks like Yahoo gave up on forums "Yahoo! News message boards allowed a small number of vocal users to dominate the discussion"

iCrossing To Purchase Spannerworks for $18m

Icrossing plans to acquire Spannerworks, a UK company based in Brighton, for around $18 million according to OnlineMediaDaily.

Got money in Neteller?

A Press release from neteller about what is going on with all the frozen funds from the US.

According to Neteller they are not sure but they believe that about $55 Million was seized by the US Federal Government.