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UN : Internet should be run by key players

GENEVA (Reuters) - The Internet should continue to be overseen by major agencies including ICANN and the ITU, rather than any new "superstructure", the new head of the International Telecommunications Union said on Friday.

YouTube to get TV Station

NEWS BRIEF: YouTube is reviewing its plans for moving into television following interest from various networks, according to the company's VP of content, Kevin Donahue.

PC WORLD : Google is flagging the wrong sites as malware

Google flagging wrong sites as malware seems to actually have been picked up by the mainstream press.

eBay to Buy StubHub

eBay announced they are buying event ticket broker StubHub for $310 million cash.

Cisco Sues Apple Over The iphone

Via the Wall Street Journal

Today Cisco sued Apple for trademark infringement over the "iPhone" name Apple chose for its new cellphone, unveiled yesterday. Cisco obtained the iPhone trademark in 2000, and had been in talks with Apple over rights to the name.

Democrats push 'Net neutrality

With the Dems now in control of Congress - 'Net neutrality is making it back to the forefront:

Quote: Democrats, who all but sank major communications reform legislation in the previous congressional session over the issue of so-called 'Net neutrality, marked the first day of the new Congress by introducing a bill that will mandate 'Net neutrality, which is intended to guarantee the equal accessibility and flow of content over the Internet.

Googlebot hitting external CSS files looking for hidden text

This post is on the main page of digg regarding a Googlebot hitting external CSS files looking for hidden text

Matt Cutts - Salary Negotiations in the Near Future?

While there has been a lot of speculation about Matt's future with Google after this post. Fellow TW editor has a post up about hiring Matt Cutts. In it their are some nice sized offers being made if Matt ever does decide to jump ship, or at least to bring up the next time he comes up for review. Would You Hire Matt Cutts?

Performancing - Pay Per Post Deal Called off

The Pay Per Post deal to acquire Performancing has been called off Metrics goes Open Source - PayPerPost Deal is Off

Google, Apple, Napster Sued for Alleged Patent Infringement

LOS ANGELES — A defunct online movie service has sued Apple Computer Inc., Google Inc. and Napster Inc. claiming patent infringement over the distribution of video over the Internet.

G Anti Phishing Toolbar Phishes for the Phishers

Google's anti phishing toolbar is a great idea in theory and overall amazingly implemented but one major flaw in the way it operates is that some of the data is web accessable to anyone.

This is indeed a requirement to ensure that the security it delivers can be available to anyone without being signed in to Google but there is a problem with this too.

Is Anti-Social Media?

In today's NY Post there is an interesting article suggesting and strongly hinting that executives are behind

ZDNET : AOL's Search to outpace MSN - and AOL doesn't even have a search

AOL could sneak up on Microsoft's share, and AOL doesn't have a search - This is perhaps the largest failure ever on Microsoft's part.

Companies to update websites and email footers before 2007 in the UK or breach the Companies Act

I just read this news item on the Register. The first I had heard of it and apparently the deadline was the 1st of January -

Google is the start page for the Internet

Rich Skrenta posts a nice summary stating even with all of Google's problems they are still going to be extremely hard to knock down.

Winner-Take-All: Google and the Third Age of Computing (Skrentablog)

Google Starting 2007 on Defensive

Has the love affair and honeymoon period with Google come to an end? First up comes Danny Sullivan's 14 "Is Google Evil?" Tipping Points Since 2001

Wikipedia bans Qatar from editing content

I woke up this afternoon, one of the best nights ever!, to find some disturbing news apparently Wikipedia is done with the people of Qatar spamming it’s index. This is massive as Wikipedia has never blocked an entire country from editing it’s content before. From the wikipedia page:

Costco uses Zune Boxes to make table to sell IPods

Costco uses Zune Boxes to make table to sell IPods Full Story

Google Gaudily Gasps at Gmail Glitch

Let's say you're sitting at home on a Friday evening thinking to yourself "Hey, I'm bored...let's check e-mail! La la la, wtf?"

Yep, they botched it. Google Oops

Firefox Creator Says He Is Losing Faith In Google

Firefox creator Blake Ross says he is quickly loosing faith with Google. What would it mean to the search engine industry if FireFox changed there default search to... say.... (insert new upcoming searchengine).