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Franchise Pr0n

It may be a holiday in the US but I hope some algo boys n gals at Yahoo are still working today.

According to The Register if you search Yahoo Images for the phrase "franchise" you get to see lots and lots of porn. I've taken a look (purely for research reasons of course) and unlike The Register I get to see the images with Safe Search on! (hmmm, didn't I have lunch last week at PubCon with someone that know's a little about SafeSearch. I wonder if he could help the Yahoo team?)

China sentences Web porn king to life in prison

Talk about a zero tolerance policy:

Quote: A Chinese court sentenced the founder of the country's largest pornography Web site "Pornographic Summer" to life imprisonment on Wednesday and jailed another eight of the site's organizers, state media reported.

Google : Tracking not used in Bid Price

Because of persistant rumors and conjecture along these lines, I'd like to clarify that information from Google's conversion tracking and Google Analytics is not used in the calculation of ones minimum bid, nor otherwise incorporated in the calculation of CPC.

Bonehead Journalist Statement of the Week

Must be a slow news week since journalists are saying some pretty goofy things

Let's create a brand new product that is smarter than the existing products because no one is ever going to win and recover rights from Google. That's like saying you're going to monetise linking - it's unrealistic.

Monetise linking unrealistic? Sheesh talk about being a few years behind the curve ...

GOOGLE HITS $500 A SHARE; MARKET VALUE $154,570,000,000.00

Google's Stock just hit the roof. Party like it's 1999!

Yahoo internal memo : Fire 20% of workforce

BERKELEY, California (Reuters) - Yahoo Inc. needs a dramatic organizational shake-up and cuts in its work force of up to 20 percent, according to an internal memo written last month by Senior Vice President Brad Garlinghouse.

Pubcon Recap Day 3

Here are some updates from Pubcon Day 3.

Ted Leonsis faces Wolf Howl

Ted Leonsis faces Wolf Howl I am guessing this is just the opening volley.

Internet Gambling Ban Being Eyeballed

Terry Lanni, CEO of MGM Mirage, said the recent Internet gambling ban is "ridiculous" in speaking to gambling officials attending the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas yesterday. He pointed out that it was passed because it was piggy-backed onto a port security bill, and exempted horse races, lotteries, and online bets placed while on American Indian reservations. He continued by saying it was an example of "the Republican Party pandering to the religious right."

Pubcon Recap Day 2 and Yahoo Doesn't Like most Web Publishers

Below are some Pubcon recaps from day 2

Washington Post to fire people to shift to online

People are getting fired at the Washington Post

Pubcon Recap Day 1

For those of you who aren't attending Pubcon this week in Vegas, want to read about sessions you missed or just get another opinion hear are some reports from around the web.

Yahoo's Executives are jumping ship at an incredible rate

It appears that Everyone's leaving Yahoo

All Your Stock Tickers Are Belong to Us?

Via the WSJ, Google and Yahoo! are asking the SEC to review the fees associated with U.S. stock exchange market data:

Yahoo Finance, AOL's Money and Finance, and other financial Web sites have already stopped displaying real-time quotes from electronic marketplaces owned by the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq Stock Market because of fee increases.

.gov Site Auction on eBay - Hacker is playing ISP?

David Naylor mentioned an eBay auction for a .gov site: "SEO Parasitic Hosting - .gov domain!". Some notable quotes:

"No guarantees as to longevity of hosting contract with server owner"

"This is also (rarely) NOT an orphaned site as there will be links from within the site going to this particular mini site"

"Upload of files will happen by transferring to me. I will then upload the files. Space is not unlimited but common sense can and should be used. Let's say that 10MB is the limit. I am afraid that there are no server side languages available."

Protx Bought By Sage for £20m

Online payment gateway company Protx has just been bought by Accounting software producers Sage.

Full Story

Could be some interesting in

Google : Cell Phones Should Be Free

SAN FRANCISCO (Nov. 13) - Web search leader Google Inc.'s chief executive, Eric Schmidt, sees a future where mobile phones are free to consumers who accept watching targeted forms of advertising.

Bill Gates: Internet Bubble Is Back

"We're back kind of in Internet-bubble era in terms of people thinking: 'O.K., traffic. We want traffic. We want traffic,'" Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said. "There are still some areas where it is unclear what's going to come out of that."

Client: "How Much? How Long?" What do you say?

I get this question pretty frequently: How long will it take me to get ranked on google for {insert medium competitive phrase here}? And How much do I need to pay monthly to reach the goal?

I want to know your typical response to this question.

It's only a few years late

SEATTLE, Washington (AP) -- Microsoft Corp. said Wednesday it has completed work on its long-delayed Windows Vista operating system and plans to release it to consumers January 30.