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Housing LinkBait 101?

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We get a lot of spam here at TW, but some of it is a little classier than the rest.

This is not one of the classy ones, and wsa posted anon but it has a certain *something* about it, So I decided to authorise it.

Google Denies... and denies again

I opened Techmeme and scanned the headlines and it's about Google in the negative. Google denies...Google denies rumor of YouTube legal reserve), and Google CEO Eric Schmidt: We would never...(Eric Schmidt: We would never trap user data).

Wow. That was fast. It's coverage of Web2.0 and Google is on the defensive. That's gotta be a sign.

Answers Corp. Buys FAQ Farm For $2 Mln Cash

It's always nice when they release the sale price!

Looks like realized that user-generated content was a good thing and bought FAQ Farm creating a new company called Frequently Answered Questions

MSN (Live.Com) shows Ms. Dewey is an ad site for MSN (Live.Com). Personally I found her to be quite comical and it's a pretty nifty ad site.

MyAsiaSpace - News Corp. inks deal for Asian MySpace

News Corp. & Softbank Corp. have created a 50/50 joint venture - MySpace KK - that will bring bring MySpace to Asia.

Quote: The new venture comes amid rapid growth in Japan's social networking sites, which are thought to have more than 10 million users, according to the Nihon Keizai newspaper. Softbank subsidiary Yahoo Japan Corp. provides social networking sites, but Softbank has not involved itself in the sites' operations.

CBS Wants to Buy "The Next YouTube."

Interesting article in the Cincinnati Post today about CBS shifting more focus to the Internet:

Today, CBS is to announce that it has hired a 35-year-old investment banker, Quincy Smith, to find the "next YouTube." The move demonstrates that CBS, which is sitting on a stockpile of $3 billion in cash, is eager to make acquisitions to better position itself in digital media.Full Story

Huh? I thought I bought text links! Not Newspaper Classifieds

Google, so successful that it doesn't have room on the Internet to accommodate all its advertising clients, has proposed redirecting those ads to the printed page.

Transcriptions of Matt Cutts’ videos

Anyone else thinks this is clever .. or not, peter t davis, has transcribed all fifteen Matt Cutts videos, only thing missing is the setting of the scene like : "The Evil Matt Cutts slowly stokes his cat while telling people how to fall in line with the googleborgbot." or something like that

Microsoft grows a backbone

A senior executive for Microsoft has said the firm could pull out of non-democratic countries such as China.

Fred Tipson, senior policy counsel for the computer giant, said concerns over the repressive regime might force it to reconsider its business in China.

"Things are getting bad... and perhaps we have to look again at our presence there," he told a conference in Athens.

"We have to decide if the persecuting of bloggers reaches a point that it's unacceptable to do business there." sues

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) -- A company that shut down its website because it was overwhelmed by millions of people looking for YouTube has sued the online video-sharing portal.

G Bigger in UK than TV?

Channel 4's chief executive says that Google will overtake Channel4's advertising revenue before the end of the year.

According to Brand Republic

Breaking News: Bomb Explodes at Ebay PayPal Campus

I just saw this on the local news here in San Francisco:

Explosions Reported At eBay PayPal Building In San Jose

San Jose firefighters are responding to reports of explosions from within a four-story building in San Jose that has also drawn responses from a bomb squad and a hazardous materials team.

MySpace to block copyrighted music + vids

Looks like it's the end of the MySpace era, for real, less than 1 year after Murdoch shelled out 680 million for the beast. Any one know if it ever made back a fraction of that? My 15 year-old nephew *assures* me it is *so* 2005 and that he and all his friends and his sister and all her friends are using Facebook now.

Wikipedia starts listing SEO's

It looks like Wikipedia starts listing SEO's... I don't know what to think about this. Full Story

UK Gambling Online - Bring Us Your Banned, We'll Bring The Fairy Dust

BBC story - UK gaming to be 'mark of quality'

Feel the love:

Online gambling sites registered in the UK would offer a "hallmark of quality" to people around the world, Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell has said.

G Drives towards launch ? UPDATED

Google's GDrive service has been spoken about all of the place, including here at TW.

But could it be moving closer to a product launch? Looking at some recent domain transfers it could well be. Garret Rogers at ZDnet has noticed there have been some interesting domain transfers happening over the last few days.

Ex-CIA Agent Steele Says We Can No Longer Trust Google

Ars Technica points to, an information resource site for homeland security decision makers, which notes that its sources within the intelligence community confirmed a Google/CIA parternship in January of 2006.

Arse, Bollocks and Bull. PPC and SEO!!

There are plenty of snake old salesmen within our business, along with dozens (hundreds?) of charlatans but one man who has consistently stood head and shoulders above many within the industry is Mike Grehan.

He is the author of the 2nd best book on search there is (Sorry Mike, I prefer Aaron's) and has taken multiple businesses to exit. He knows search. He knows it bloody well indeed, and there are few that know it better.

KinderStart : Google Penalty Equated To Defamation

In the Long running lawsuit between Kinderstart and Google, Kinderstart pulled this rabbit out of their hat saying that Google Penalty Equated To Defamation

Yahoo in talks to buy AOL

FORTUNE has learned from multiple sources that Yahoo recently approached Time Warner about buying America Online