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Exotic Restaurant Sues Google After Going Out Of Business

A Washington DC area restaurant that became famous for serving lion and bear meat, has closed it's doors after someone apparently edi

Google Wants All Of Your Domain Names, What Could Go Wrong??

Google is now testing a program where they sell domain name registrations to s

Google Knowledge Graph Image Hijack "PC world"

We have all seen loads of reports of hijacks of google's knowledge graph like the World Series For St.

Are Google's AI Claims Just Smoke And Mirrors?

Famed technologist, and Google Engineer, Ray Kurzweil, is talking more about Google's plans with Artifical Intelligence.

Google Forced To Display Competitor Product Listings In Antitrust Lawsuit

Finally governments are starting to wake up to how much of a monopoly Google is.

Google is Violating Canadian Privacy Law

A consumer watchdog group in Canada is saying that Google is violating privacy laws by ret

Google Patent's Popular Hand Gesture

The heart hand gesture has grown in popularity over the last few years.

Digital democratisation: let’s not imagine that we are voting

Chris Clarke has a very thoughtful piece on how internet is making everything sh*t

Adult content to be blocked by default in the UK

This is a major change which is going to affect loads of sites in the UK.

Ripoff Report Verified - Talk about taking low to the next level

Notorious Ripoff Report has just launched a new "service" - a $89/m subscription to allow business owners NOT to get published on their site.

Google Refuses To Deindex Pirate Sites, But Will Deindex Yours With Out Any Notice

I will admit that I have a certain soft spot in my heart for digital pirates.

Facebook Launches video on instagram

When I first read this about this news, my first thought is this going to be what kills vine...thoughts?

Is running an SMB harder today than 5 years ago?

Great piece examining whether it's tougher to run an SMB today than it was, say, 5 years ago.  I'd suggest you have to be savvier about online marketing with every passing month, at the very l

WSJ: Yahoo Deal Shows Power Shift

The Wall Street Journal has an intersting take on The Yahoo buy out of Tumblr

Entrepeneur Story: Build Your Brand with Principles

Business Branding for entrepreneurs sometimes is dilluted in the efforts to be noticed and, often, for not staying true to your course when advised to do otherwise.

Microsoft is back on the offensive with scroogled


What is UnGoogleable?

Threadwatch Editors: rollcall!

As it's almost impossible to find a way to speak to the active ones, here we go - rollcall! Who is actually here?

Ebay says Google Ads don't work

Reuters reports on Ebay's study showing that Google advertising doesn't work as well as it did.

Google Buys SEM Agency, Channel Intelligence, For $125 Million

Channel Intelligence, an angecy that specializes in helping clients preform well in Google's shopping/product listings, has been