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honest talk about what to do when a campaign fails spectatcularly on you

Heres' a quotable: "For every 10 clients we take on, 1 or 2 just shits the bed. It’s how we handle THOSE  sticky situations that keeps our clients coming back."

Cause I Can't wait Until Thursday: Wayback Wednesday - If your product is GREAT it doesn't NEED to be GOOD

I just rediscovered this post  that i've had bookmarked for years about that you don't need to have add ons and extra shit...pick the critical three things you want to get right and do them gr

Signs that a shakeup in the car insurance SERPS is coming

Forrester reported that Google is coming close to releasing their awaited comparision feature soon.

5 Times When You Must Hire an SEO

SEO is one industry where almost all the information about it is easily found online.

2014 the best holiday season in 3 years...

According to the National Retail Federation, 2014 was a good year!

Not-for-profit Lets encrypt advocates for methods for encypting web traffic to be free and easy

Free and easy to implement encyption is the objective of Not-for-profit Lets Encypt

Take Polygraph Lie Detector Tests to be an SEO

There's an interesting discussion over at Cre8asiteForums:

Google no longer plans to release glass to the public in 2014

It seems that Google is backing out of the consumer market with glass and externalizing the hardware problems to other partners and focusing in more on specialized business applications for the dev

Not Tracking Your Website Business Data Properly Can Be Impacting Your Bottom Line

It is extremely important to properly track your website traffic and conversion data in order to get the most useful data about your business's website performance.

Are we seeing the first fractures in the search based click revenue model?

Analysts reviewing Google's quarterly earnings report, had some hard questions regarding Googles click based revenue model, which is touted as, " ...the best Internet business model ever created" b

Say Goodby to Yahoo Directory

Yahoo directory will be coming to a close this December, 2014. It's a sad day, or at least it seems like it is.

Exotic Restaurant Sues Google After Going Out Of Business

A Washington DC area restaurant that became famous for serving lion and bear meat, has closed it's doors after someone apparently edi

Google Wants All Of Your Domain Names, What Could Go Wrong??

Google is now testing a program where they sell domain name registrations to s

Google Knowledge Graph Image Hijack "PC world"

We have all seen loads of reports of hijacks of google's knowledge graph like the World Series For St.

Are Google's AI Claims Just Smoke And Mirrors?

Famed technologist, and Google Engineer, Ray Kurzweil, is talking more about Google's plans with Artifical Intelligence.

Google Forced To Display Competitor Product Listings In Antitrust Lawsuit

Finally governments are starting to wake up to how much of a monopoly Google is.

Google is Violating Canadian Privacy Law

A consumer watchdog group in Canada is saying that Google is violating privacy laws by ret

Google Patent's Popular Hand Gesture

The heart hand gesture has grown in popularity over the last few years.

Digital democratisation: let’s not imagine that we are voting

Chris Clarke has a very thoughtful piece on how internet is making everything sh*t

Adult content to be blocked by default in the UK

This is a major change which is going to affect loads of sites in the UK.