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CNN finds new marketing niche... Dead Children

Someone at CNN thought it would be a great idea to advertise to promote their articles on Anna Nicoles dead son. I think the screen shot says it all.

Webpronews : Adwords going into TV

New domains registered by Google may indicate the company is a step closer to offering its AdWords clients the opportunity to place advertisements on television programs. We're going to suggest the first network that will try them on its channel.

Crazy Frog Bought by Crazy Fox?

El Reg are reporting on a story from the Wall Street Journal that Jamster / Jamba, the German company owned by Verisign (The SSL People) is to sell 51% to Mr Murdoch and pals for $187.5m.

I guess this means more repeats of only fools and horses. says BBC seeks rival for MySpace

Fox did well buying myspace and then doing that deal with google. but how are other social sites doing, sound investments or money pits?

C|NET : It's time to reconsider Google

Quote: But surely, Google's primary consumer application, its Web search engine, is safe, right? Not so much. A recent visit from an marketing contingent (not to mention Ask's massive TV advertising campaign), convinced me to give the engine formerly known as AskJeeves a new try.

'Target.Com is Targeted' with Legal Precedent Set for Web Accessibility

This thread on SearchGuild pointed to a Legal Precedent Set for Web Accessibility. The costs for this could be astronomical, Target.Com was 'targeted'

Microsoft Threatens the EU with ANOTHER delay of Vista

Microsoft on Thursday threatened to delay the release of Windows Vista in the Europe Union unless EU antitrust regulators spell out the changes they demand in the operating system.

Ask.Com launches huge marketing campaign, fails to see MSN's recent history launches huge marketing campaign but forgot the MSN disaster of 2005. Someone forgot to tell that it takes more than TV ads to get people to use the search engine.

Yahoo Fumbles ESPN Ad Deal

It looks like Yahoo fumbled the ESPN ball. Lately this has been a growing trend as larger firms that have the resources to build their own PPC system have been doing such to keep the revenue inhouse rather than splitting it with providers.

Google to offer SEO classes - for 30 bucks

It appears that Google will be offering SEO Classes ... uhhhh.... I can't wait to see comments...

DaveN Search Tool

we have been mashing some stuff together :

try this click the little orange information button or the little Icon by the pages..

Intel to fire 10,500 people

Chip-maker Intel Corp. said Tuesday a total of 10,500 jobs will be eliminated over the next year through layoffs, attrition and the sale of underperforming business groups as part of a massive restructuring.

Vista will cost the same as XP

Microsoft says that Visa will cost the same as XP. Personally I think there is a difference, XP costs an arm, Vista will cost a leg.

Google re-opening OCR software Tesseract

Actually a good idea, I always wondered why Google didn't use OCR software to read text on images, forcing everyone to use text based navigation. I am guessing the re-release is to get the software up to par for search.

Google: Just Like Microsoft?

Google has been reserving some new domains. It already has "started" in dozens of industries, and is well known for it's long-lasting "beta" programs. What struck me this morning as I looked at GoogleArchive idea is that Google is copying the Microsoft of the early 90's. You know the Microsoft that was a marketing machine, pre-empting investment and enthusiasm in competing markets by announcing their intentions to go there, releasing beta materials, and then not following through. It worked to kill innovation by competitors. Who wants to invest in a database program for Windows users if Microsoft is already working on Access, which will have VB embedded, full SQL support, and DDE, OLE, etc etc etc?

Google Apps for Your Domain: Sharing Information, But Not Revenue

Research Buzz notes that Google Apps for Your Domain now has a public signup page.

Google AdSense Sued by Suspended Publisher

Jennifer Slegg has a story at SEW of a publisher suing Google for suspending her AdSense account because she clicked her own ads. She does in fact admit to clicking her own ads, for "quality control purposes". I cannot see that this action will get anywhere, but the lawyers are in action already.

Marissa Mayer tells TV not to worry about Google

"We're computer scientists,"Marissa Mayer, a Google Inc. vice president, told broadcast executives at the recent Edinburgh International Television Festival."We're not brilliant storytellers or content creators."

More Pocket Money for Schmidt as He Joins Apple Board

Reports that Google CEO has joined board of Apple

Quote: "The timing of this appointment is certainly interesting in terms of corporate governance," said American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu. "Being able to attract a guy like Eric Schmidt certainly has to be viewed as a positive

Danny Sullivan Leaves SEW

Danny Sullivan announced on personal blog that he's leaving Search Engine Watch, pretty shocking. Get the whole story.

After ten years, I'm leaving Search Engine Watch and almost certainly leaving the Search Engine Strategies conference series as well. My contracts with their owners Incisive Media are expiring, and we've not been able to agree on new ones.