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Entrepeneur Story: Build Your Brand with Principles

Business Branding for entrepreneurs sometimes is dilluted in the efforts to be noticed and, often, for not staying true to your course when advised to do otherwise.

Microsoft is back on the offensive with scroogled


What is UnGoogleable?

Threadwatch Editors: rollcall!

As it's almost impossible to find a way to speak to the active ones, here we go - rollcall! Who is actually here?

Ebay says Google Ads don't work

Reuters reports on Ebay's study showing that Google advertising doesn't work as well as it did.

Google Buys SEM Agency, Channel Intelligence, For $125 Million

Channel Intelligence, an angecy that specializes in helping clients preform well in Google's shopping/product listings, has been

The RIAA Wants Google To Ignore Bad SEO And Push "Legit" Music Sites Up Above Pirate Sites

Recently the RIAA

SEOMoz acquires AudienceWise and breaks $21Million Turnover

Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOMoz has announced via Twitter  that SEOMoz has acquired

Nominet Sue Registrar for Defamation

Nominet, the controllers and registry of the .UK domain name are suing a registrar for defamation. The content in question can be found at

Google building a massive new HQ in London.

Google are moving from Victoria to Kings Cross... buying up 2.4 ACRES of land in the heart of London.

The New face of "Find" - Google -v- Facebook -v- Amazon -v- ???

So here we are, watching the clocks tick away to Facebook's mega announcement.

How to lead and cut through the crap

Excellent NY Times interview with a guy I've never heard of on how to lead in business.

Twitter UK posts Tiny Profit

Twitter's UK operation has filed it's annual accounts and it shows a meagre £16,500 profit.

SEO should be Regulated.. So says Judith Lewis.

My good friend and occasional drinking buddy Judith Lewis writes at HuffPo and calls for regulation and sta

Rhys Wynne Shows that you should JFDI.

Rhys is an SEO that codes. He codes so well he created the well known plugin, WP EMail Capture that many people use, but that's an aside.

Goggle VS Ms from an employees pov

I saw his last night its now on slashdot and search engine land.

Google Vs MS

Why Google Bought DoubleClick

I guess this is the official reason

In summary:

Ebay and Google Kiss and Makeup

EBay said on Friday the where going to start placing ad's on Google, but that it would rely on other sources to a greater degree.

Google Offers $10 Million For 100 MPG Car

NEW YORK ( -- Google said Tuesday it is getting in on the development of electric vehicles, awarding $1 million in grants and inviting applicants to bid for another $10 million in funding to develop plug-in hybrid electric vehicles capable of getting 70 to 100 miles per gallon.

Organizing the world's transportation...err.

Business 2.0: The 50 Who Matter Now

In their second annual ranking, "Business 2.0 has compiled an unabashedly subjective list of people, produc