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Google to bid against Murdoch's News Corp for the Wall Street Journal

Big rumors that Google might bid against Murdoch for the Wall Street Journal.

Forbes Magazine : Condemned to Google Hell - Aaron Wall Quoted

EDIT: I missed it.. A bunch of Threadwatch Members were quoted.. ----------------

Quote: Don't anger the Google gods. He sold $3 million dollars worth of jewelry a year. Then, he says, Google turned its back on, condemning the site to Internet obscurity.

Google in brain drain as the talent leaves

Google faces a brain drain as high-flyers it has made super rich fly the nest

But, apparently, lots of other stay because of the perks.

Google listed as Possible Suitor for NBC

According to John Battelle Google is one of the people being mentioned as candidate interested in buying NBC John Battelle's Searchblog: Google -

SEO Company Zunch Files for Bankruptcy

It looks like Zunch Communications filed for bankruptcy:

In-Video Ads Coming to YouTube by Summer

Yesterday at AdTech, YouTube's head of advertising Suzie Reider announced that ads are coming to YouTube this summer and that they are experimenting with the precise length, form, and placement of tho

$1B+ Lawsuit Against Spammers

Honey Pot people filed what they claim to be the largest anti-spam lawsuit ever, check this out.

Lawsuit Against Spammers

Online Conferencing...Now With Ads!

Okay, so it isn't there just yet, but you know it's going to happen: Story on Motely Fool regarding another Google purchase

Looks like the big fish is hungry.

Newspaper Online Ad Growth Rate Looking Bleak

The WSJ has a story about slowing ad revenue growth on newspaper websites:

New York Times Co. warned Thursday that online advertising growth this year won't be as strong as the 30% it had projected. On the same day, Tribune Co. reported that the growth rate for first-quarter interactive revenue was sharply lower than a year earlier. Gannett Co. likewise said online revenue growth slowed in the first quarter from a year earlier.

has sma-uk gone ?

sma-uk website no longer live and points to a holding page

maybe one of the sma-uk commitee members would like to explain what has happened ?

Why Selling SEO Services is Typically a Bad Business Model

John Andrews recently wrote an article about how consumer ignorance and carnival barkers lead to a market that is a self fulfilling prophecy

Yahoo Sued for giving info to China

This was already noted on Threadwatch that Yahoo was blamed for the arrest and beating for handing info on bloggers to China, however now it's a lawsuit Full Story

It's Good to be the GOOG - Profits Up 69%

Google's quarterly earning are in and profits are up:

Hitwise sold to Experian for £120m

Experian have acquired Hitwise for a reported £120m.

From the press release:

Looks like eBay is acquiring StumbleUpon

According to TechCrunch eBay has beat out two other potential suitors (AOL & Google) and has signed a term

Yahoo net profit falls 11 percent

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Yahoo Inc. reported on Tuesday an 11 percent fall in quarterly profit, missing Wall Street estimates as a new advertising system aimed at clawing back market share from Google has yet to take hold.

Yahoo CEO Predicts DoubleClick Defections

As reported by Reuters, Yahoo Inc.

Google Now has 'Powerpoint' for Google Office

Google has now confirmed it has a Powerpoint app that will be part of Google Office

Google Anti-trust Issues Over DoubleClick

The WSJ reports that Google is taking heat from competing companies:

Microsoft Corp., AT&T Inc., Time Warner Inc. and several other large Internet and media companies are hoping to encourage antitrust regulators to closely scrutinize Google Inc.'s $3.1 billion planned purchase of Internet ad services firm DoubleClick Inc.

AT&T and Microsoft are pushing the anti-trust issue? Funnier things have happened, though rarely.

CLEAR CHANNEL has an advertising deal with GOOGLE..

CLEAR CHANNEL has an advertising deal with GOOGLE.... Developing...