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Yahoo Sued for giving info to China

This was already noted on Threadwatch that Yahoo was blamed for the arrest and beating for handing info on bloggers to China, however now it's a lawsuit Full Story

It's Good to be the GOOG - Profits Up 69%

Google's quarterly earning are in and profits are up:

Hitwise sold to Experian for £120m

Experian have acquired Hitwise for a reported £120m.

From the press release:

Looks like eBay is acquiring StumbleUpon

According to TechCrunch eBay has beat out two other potential suitors (AOL & Google) and has signed a term

Yahoo net profit falls 11 percent

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Yahoo Inc. reported on Tuesday an 11 percent fall in quarterly profit, missing Wall Street estimates as a new advertising system aimed at clawing back market share from Google has yet to take hold.

Yahoo CEO Predicts DoubleClick Defections

As reported by Reuters, Yahoo Inc.

Google Now has 'Powerpoint' for Google Office

Google has now confirmed it has a Powerpoint app that will be part of Google Office

Google Anti-trust Issues Over DoubleClick

The WSJ reports that Google is taking heat from competing companies:

Microsoft Corp., AT&T Inc., Time Warner Inc. and several other large Internet and media companies are hoping to encourage antitrust regulators to closely scrutinize Google Inc.'s $3.1 billion planned purchase of Internet ad services firm DoubleClick Inc.

AT&T and Microsoft are pushing the anti-trust issue? Funnier things have happened, though rarely.

CLEAR CHANNEL has an advertising deal with GOOGLE..

CLEAR CHANNEL has an advertising deal with GOOGLE.... Developing...

Get Your E-commerce PCI Compliant or Face Fines

This isn't recent news but it's been dodging around on my radar recently. I finally got time to have a look through it today.

Are Samsung losses first sign of Vista flop?

Samsung has announced that their first quarter profit has fallen 15% on the same period last year, their worse earnings repo

B. Frank to Over Turn UIGEA

According to Rep. Barney Frank, Chairman of the House Banking Committee...

Google's ClickBot.A Report -- Follow The Money

Google released a report on ClickBot.A, a click fraud bot net. Did Google or Panda catch these bad guys?

Google Corners 2/3 of US Search Market

According to CNN, which is according to Fortune, which is according to Hitwise, which is according to some estimation.

Utah vs. Adwords

If there are any SEO/SEM firms in Utah, they are going to be moving soon.

VeriSign Increasing Domain Fees

Starting on October 15, Verisign is increasing .com domain prices 7 percent and .net domains 10 percent. Renew your domains now to save money.

Google Adsense Revenue Share Revealed

The PlentyOfFish owner Markus discovered a recording of a phone conference with Battelle that reveals the Adsense revenue share percentages. You can here it here at minute 24:40 where they uncover the percentages.

Horrible Yellow AdWords Background - A UI Test or New Color?

Earlier this morning I attempted to post a question here asking if anybody else saw the horrible yellow-colored background appearing behind the Top 3 AdWords ads (was blue). I thought it was nothing more than another UI test, but it's since been made official via Google.

Googles wonderfully opaque optimization advice

Clear as mud.. thats the best way to describe Googles new Adsense optimization advice. Last night the Adsense team started sending personalized but automated optimization tips to publishers.

Google Tv Ads

Google announces TV Ads trial here it's going to be auction based again, like the print ads... oh hum

sidenote: anyone seen on sky in the UK ?