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Spammers ordered to pay $1 billion

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Big $$ headline, but no money --spammers didn't show up in court. (Imagine that.)

Some of you may recall

...that I used to post articles showing the convergence of the state of robotic development with the movie Terminator. I quit because it became TOO obvious/scary, but I couldn't resist this one, particularly Prof. Kim's last quote:

"If we design the chromosomes quite safely, then we can avoid such a bad situation," he said.

Yeah, right. That's what they ALL say, professor.

What to Consider when Selling a Network

(Without breaking NDAs, this'll have to be generic)

I'm now in the contract-writing stage of selling a group of my domains that are deep-content local sites. Though they are repurposing the domains' primary target, their market is allied with the current userbase so there is no need to abandon the content and ~perhaps~ the new owners will be able to continue some portion of the revenue, though that is not mission-critical. It just seems a waste to walk away from something that is working and I'm willing to put some time into the transition.

I hate the phrase, but this is a win-win situation and I'd like to see the relationship go forward after I've turned the sites over to them, but so often I see buy-outs go sour in the transition. Also, I have some content on the domains that they are acquiring that will need time to move in the SEs, so I'm going to need to be involved for a while. So, what are the things that need to be ironed-out beforehand, i.e., in the contract?

Assume you're buying a strongly branded set of domains in a market niche. What would you want/expect from the seller?

Google vs. Yahoo: Heavyweights attack from different angles

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Nice comparisons between Google and Yahoo, their research budgets, the different approaches they take, and where they might be heading.

Google R&D is more than $300 million -- about 30 percent of its operating cash flow -- earmarked for capital expenditures this past year. Meanwhile, Yahoo is expected to spend $215 million to $235 million on capital expenditures, or about 20 percent of its operating cash flow.

Google also takes a more laissez faire approach toward innovation, embracing new ideas and products long before the company's management figures out how everything fits into the overall business plan Yahoo takes a more practical approach to technology, first identifying what people want and then building or buying a product designed to give visitors one less reason to leave its Web site

Predictions please, will yahoo’s more practical multidimensional approach see its share of search grow or will Google’s larger research budget continue to see it dominate search?

Ebay buys

Thread Title: Ebay gets a foot in your future door Thread Url: Thread Description:

Almost missed this one. Ebay is buying for $415m. Think of all those pleasant upsales on your auctions.

Renting a house, get your insurance, towels, pots and pans, etc here!

Sophisticated Search Marketing to Triumph over Unsophisticated - Really?

Thread Title: State of the Search Marketing Industry 2004 Thread Url: Thread Description:

Findings from a Jupiter report say that sophisticated search marketing will overtake unsophisticated search marketing. They go on to say that the sun will rise in the morning, and set in the evening... (only kidding, on planet TW there is no sun...)

The report also said that there's an widening gap between "sophisticated" and "unsophisticated" search marketers, and that over time the sophisticated marketers will dominate the industry.

A hallmark of a sophisticated firm is its use of technology. "The SEM agencies that have built their own bid management and campaign tracking tools, and that use extensive data to create campaign strategy, are typically able to generate better results for their advertisers," said Jupiter Research Associate Analyst Nate Elliott.

There is some other stuff in there to but maybe im just bored today, most of strikes me as duller than dishwater and more obvious than a smack in mouth.

via sew blog

Judge Sides With Google Vs. Geico

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We can all breathe a sigh of relief !

Google Inc. won a major legal victory Wednesday when a federal judge said the search engine could continue to sell ads triggered by searches using trademarked company names.

U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema rejected a claim by auto insurance giant Geico Corp., which argued that Google should not be allowed to sell ads to rival insurance companies that appear whenever Geico's name is typed into the Google search box.

M$ vs Google - Winner Takes all?

Thread Title: What’s Next for Google Thread Url: Thread Description:

Interesting piece threadlinked above over at Tech Review by the former owner of Front Page, Charles Ferguson. Front Page being the dreadful, code choking joke of the web-dev world.

Charles sold FP to M$ and made a bomb rather than see his company die. He likens that to the decisions now facing Google:

Google now faces choices as fundamental as those Netscape faced in 1995. Google, whose headquarters in Mountain View, CA—familiarly called the Googleplex—is only five kilometers from Netscape’s former home, needn’t perish as Netscape did, but it could. Despite everything Google has—the swelling revenues, the cash from its initial public offering, the 300 million users, the brand recognition, the superbly elegant engineering—its position is in fact quite fragile. Google’s site is still the best Web search service, and Gmail, its new Web-based e-mail service, Google Desktop, its desktop search tool, and Google Deskbar, its toolbar, are very cool. But that’s all they are. As yet, nothing prevents the world from switching (painlessly, instantly) to Microsoft search services and software, particularly if they are integrated with the Microsoft products that people already use.

Thoughts on M$ vs Google anyone?

Wiki Spam gaining Momentum and Coverage

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As bloggers finally get a little more savvy in ways to thwart agressive search marketers automatically commenting on thousands of blogs at a time, wiki spam gains ground as the next wave of auto link generation strategy.

A wiki, for those still in the dark, is defined by as:

Wiki is a piece of server software that allows users to freely create and edit Web page content using any Web browser. Wiki supports hyperlinks and has a simple text syntax for creating new pages and crosslinks between internal pages on the fly.

Wiki is unusual among group communication mechanisms in that it allows the organization of contributions to be edited in addition to the content itself.

The threadlink above defines wiki spam:

Google measures its PageRank? based on links from one site to another, plus the PageRank? of the site linking to the other. Wikis are PageRank? machines, being both massively linked and with hundreds or thousands of pages. These two factors--openness and PageRank?--make wikis the ideal target for spam attacks. While this was well known for years, it took TheSeptemberThatNeverEnded before WikiSpam become economical enough to justify a spammer's attention.

and continues to explain why a wiki is an attractive spam vehicle:

Spammers are not asking you click on the link, although if you do they are happier. What they are looking for is higher Google results. The most useful wikis to spam are not even the most popular wikis, but rather the least traffic and the least PeerReviewed wikis. While previous spam techniques saught to hit sites with incredibly high PageRank?, it's possible now to use Google (ironically) and a robot to write links on millions of smaller WikiAsPIMs whose owners will not revert the vandalism since they won't notice. Millions of links from smaller sites is better than a few links from larger sites.

IBM wants to be the Google of Entreprise Search

Thread Title: IBM is building software it hopes will make it the Google of corporate-search technology Thread Url: Thread Description:

As IBM dumps it's PC biz it's making a play for a higher margin software / solution model:

The new database-related software will let corporate customers store documents in XML, or Extensible Markup Language, format, which will greatly speed up text-related queries, she said. An early, or alpha, version of the tool is being tested with about 30 customers and is expected to be completed in the second half of next year. IBM has not named the product or decided how to package it.

Yahoo! Domains less than $5 till end 2004

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Just spotted this on The Register that Yahoo are cutting the costs of a domain name to under $5!

This is almost definately being undertaken as a loss leader as the wholesale cost is $1.50 higher. Will Yahoo become the dominate force in hosting and domain registrations if not search?

SES Chicago Kicks off Next Week

Thread Title: Search Engine Strategies Chicago - December 13-16, 2004 Thread Url: Thread Description:

Well, Barry Schwartz has got the ball rolling with regards to the upcoming SES so i guess it's time I pulled out a few threads i've had bookmarked the last couple of weeks:

Digitalpoint HighRankings SEW Cre8asite

I've most likely missed a load, couldnt find one at wmw for example? heh.. If you have any please pm me or add them as comments..

I guess many of you are going, im green with envy but Ivana's due date is friday so "im just nipping out for some milk..." just wont cut it..

Hope everyone has a great time, and if you get a chance, do login and post in this thread.

The 6 Myths Of Creativity - Busted!

Thread Title: The 6 Myths Of Creativity Thread Url: Thread Description:

FC have a story, threadlinked above on some very detailed and extensive research into creativity in business - if you run a company, or even a one man band, this is gooooood stuff! Check it out for the full details, here's the bullet points:

The Myths of Business Creativity

Creativity Comes From Creative Types Money Is a Creativity Motivator Time Pressure Fuels Creativity Fear Forces Breakthroughs Competition Beats Collaboration A Streamlined Organization Is a Creative Organization

I tend to have my most creative thoughts whilst in bed, at the end of the day. Many a time i've gotten back out of bod and sat back at the PC to jot them down :)

Click Fraud Detection Solutions List

Thread Title: Click Fraud and How to Stop It Thread Url: Thread Description:

Here's a nice little list of clickfraud solutions from the se journal threadlinked above. Most of the article is probably wasted on Threadwatchers but if you dont know what click fraud is then certainly check it out.

ClickDetective ClickDetective allows you to track return visitors to your site and alerts you if there is evidence that your site may be under attack. Its reports show you every click in real time rather than a summary hours later.

Who’ This fraud detector tracks all PPC search engines, detects multiple IP’s, and even pops up a “ClickMinder” after a potential abuser clicks repeatedly over five times.

BogusClick BogusClick can help advertisers determine competitor IP addresses, originating PPC search engines and/or partner sites involved, as well as keywords used.

Clicklab Clicklab employs a score-based click fraud detection system that applies a series of tests to each visitor session and assigns scores. Calculations are made to indicate bad/good sessions to show an advertiser the quality of traffic.

Can anyone add to that list?

The Blogging Gold Rush - Early Players Wait for Business to Catch up

Thread Title: The Business of Blogging Thread Url: Thread Description:

Everyday business moves a little closer to blogging, slowly in most cases but very, very definately surely. There are an awful lot of people taking a punt on blogs finding interesting and viable business models and business continuing to move toward them with $$$'s in fists.

Now advertisers are realizing there is a market emerging in the blogosphere. Already, the growth in regular online advertising, estimated to be about 35% this year, will far outpace the spending increases for any other sector of the media world. Add to all this the fact that about 11% of Internet users today are inveterate blog readers, and the blogging scene starts to get mighty compelling for marketers.

Why does Canada Suck at Ecom?

Thread Title: Canada: The Online Enigma Thread Url: Thread Description:

A few interesting figures on Canada's seeming inability to pick the ecom ball up and run with it despite having one of the highest levels of broadband adoption worldwide and leading in online banking.

It's an eWeek article'ette - the full version gonna cost you $700

Do we have any Canadians in here that would venture an opinion on the problem of ecom in Canada?

The Blog Father - Jason Calacanis Expands Commercial Blog Empire

Thread Title: The Blogfather? Calacanis expands family Thread Url: Thread Description:

A short "interview" which I thought interesting nevertheless with recent Threadwatch member Jason Calacanis who has just launched Weblogs Inc's 62nd commercial blog:

“Clearly there is a weakness, in that any one blog can’t grow into that big a business,” he says. “Our response to that weak point is to have 300-500 [blogs] in three years. We should hit 100 in our 4th or 5th quarter as a company, and that’s just fine by me.

“The only threat to us is that somebody comes in and puts all their energy into one blog and does it better. However, if we’re number 1, 2, or 3 in each market we’re in, we have a great business.”

How Much Can You Charge for SEO?

Thread Title: Seo Rates, How much should I charge? Thread Url: Thread Description:

HRF member Paper*Girl ask: "What are the competitive rates for seo and how long does it take for spiders to index? Does anyone have any advice for me?"

Ian (Mcanerin) goes on to provide some excellent suggestions for determining how much to charge. Here's a small taste of it:

Never undercut yourself. If a business can't afford $1500 to start off with, then they are better off doing it themselves, or actually putting together a business plan. If they don't understand you have to invest in your business to make it grow then you are probably not doing them or their customers any favors by getting them to market prematurely, IMO.

Steve Rubel: Ebay & Craigslist to Merge in 2005

Thread Title: eBay and Craig's List Will Merge in 2005 to Create a P2P Media Giant Thread Url: Thread Description:

Steve says p2p and citizen journalism is where it's at for 2005 and with several new companies waiting to emerge like it may well be the new gold rush.

eBay and Craig's List are already the leaders in facilitating person-to-person commerce. They have also been steadily growing closer together - in August eBay acquired a 25% stake in Craig's List. In 2005 they will take this to the next level when eBay acquires the rest of Craig's List it doesn't own and then enables customers to blog right on their unified site. This will usher in a new era where citizen journalism is directly funded by person-to-person commerce.

I tend to think community as a whole is going to be massive in the next couple of years, mostly becuase i'd really really like it to be :) but partly becuase of all the rumbling you hear if you keep your ear close to the ground. He ends with this, and i think it's noteworthy for threadwatcher's looking to cash in on community:

We have been trained to categorize Internet companies into little discrete buckets. Yahoo is a portal. Google is a search site. eBay is an auction site. Amazon is an online retailer. That's all well and good, but I bet the the brilliant executives who run these innovative firms, however, are taking a much larger view of where the online medium is headed and they're watching blogs create trusted communities that can spur future revenues. You should too.

Google AdSense contributes to highest ever domain name registrations

Thread Title: The David Beckham Effect Spotted in the Wild Thread Url: Thread Description:

"Interesting how one contextual advertising program can make such an impact. And no, I am not going to admit how many domain names I have registered because I thought it would be perfect for a content site with AdSense :)"

So we have adsense impacting the domain market, not too much of a leap of faith to connect it to sandbox too, imho.

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