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Google Apps Crashing - paying customers peeved

Google Apps Customers Miffed Over Downtime

Quote: "I have called Google support and, while they've been very cheerful, easily accessible and friendly, they have been pretty much useless,"

MSN's Live link: linkdomain: inurl: Taken Down

Basically Eytan Seidman, Lead program manager at "Live Search" posted up on the live search blog that because of automated queries, they have had to take it down.. but they don't warn you or give you a error message, they just leave the screen white !

Prepare for a flood of Digg spam

Digg Annouces a new way to spam forums and blogs using spam links like these

Google Maps Directions : Swim across the Atlantic Ocean

When trying to drive from Pottsville, PA to London, UK Google maps says:

Quote: Swim across the Atlantic Ocean 3,462 mi 29 days 0 hours

Google Goes After Monster.Com

Great Stuff, Google going into the Job seeker Market...

.xxx Domain Debate Continues

As reported previously on TW, the debate over a .xxx TLD continued with the Governmental Advisory Committee meeting behind closed doors today. They'll issue a formal, non-binding statement on Thursday, which is expected to influence the final ICANN vote on Friday. ICANN has rejected .xxx proposals twice since 2000.

Borders to take on Amazon, Amazon is unimpressed.

Borders announced last week that it will be cease using to sell its books and start its own competing site in early 2008. Borders accounted for 80 to 160 million dollars of Amazons revenue last year. Amazons total revenue was over 10 billion though so the impact of its loss doesn't seem to be that great. I think there's more to this story than meets the eye though..

Death threats against a blogger

Kim over at cre8pc wrote an article about Kathy Sierra getting deaths threats, seriously has the world gone mad, Kathy posted on her blog pointing her finger, I guess at Rageboy his response is here, Maybe the next time you start a flame war,do you think you will think twice most probably not !

How much revenue does MySpace generate per month?

Barron's points to Pali Research analyst Richard Greenfield's recent research notes on News Corp to give us the answer:

Small Businesses Tolerate Ads for Free Software

WSJ looks at the growing trend of small businesses who are bypassing costly software in favor of free, online alternatives that make money by showing ads. They point to the fact that consumers have been using such services for years (free email, MapQuest, etc).

Life Magazine, InfoWorld end printed versions - USA Today down 14% , Wall Street Journal down 10%

Here are two related, but separate stories that someone needs to merge (hence why I am putting them both on threadwatch). In short, Print Media is having a very, very bad day.

Confederacy of Dunces to Create a YouTube Killer

In an effort to establish a beachhead against the advance of YouTube, NBC Universal and News Corp announced their partnership to create a competitive video distribution product.

Google learns sneakernet

Google is using Sneakernet to get 120 terabytes from A to B

How to Be a Domainer

While I 've tried to dabble in the domain marketplace, the most I've ever been able to would pretty much barely cover dinner for 4 at a family restaurant. Aviva has pretty nice rundown of some tips on how to make money from domains.

Tony Blair - No longer a Liar but is he Viral ?

Last Friday saw 2007's Comic Relief campaign hit its pinnacle. Included within the show we saw Tony Blair in an extremely funny sketch.

Internet Archive Sued for Spidering

The Internet Archive is being sued by a woman for archiving her site despite a notice posted on her site (no there was no robots.txt file). She sued for a variety of things - civil theft, RICO, The Colorado Organized Crime Act. These were dismissed though her claim of breach of contract made it through.

MSN Pay Companies to use Search

According to DNA Evolutions Microsoft are offering payment to companies that get their staff to use search

ICANN today issued a formal notice of termination of's Registration Accreditation Agreement

ICANN today issued a formal notice of termination of's Registration Accreditation Agreement (RAA).

'Yahoo Betrayed My Husband'

"Yahoo betrayed my husband and deprived him of freedom," Yu says through a translator, her voice trembling. "Yahoo must learn its lesson."

Google Confirms New 'Google Movable Phone'

Have to use Google Translator for this, since I only found it in Spanish.