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Google Ad Hub (beta) Connects User Spending With Ads on its System
May 24th 2017, 13:53
Google's Ads Hub (beta) is being devised by the company to help identify the connection to an online ad through to a consumer purchase which may occur in a retail store.
Internal Anchor Text Causes Wrong Page to Rank in Google?
May 23rd 2017, 09:27
WebmasterWorld Members discuss an interesting effect reported where the internal anchor text on one page causes the wrong page to be ranked in Google.
Supreme Court Ruling Gets Tough on Patent Trolls
May 23rd 2017, 07:04
The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that patent lawsuits can only be filed in courts located in the jurisdiction where the targeted company is incorporated.
Analytics is THE Engine of Change
May 19th 2017, 06:40
Analytics has become far, far more than mere tracking and logging.
Facebook Fined by E.U. 110 miln Euros ($122 miln) Over WhatsApp
May 18th 2017, 11:26
The E.U. has fined Facebook 110 million euros, $122 million, for misleading information regarding the acquisition of WhatsApp back in 2014.

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Twitter Takes Advantage Of Personalization For Ads
May 27th 2017, 02:19
I admit I had no idea Twitter had gone so far into the realm of a promotions based property. I use it to find good articles that help me with my work and to share discussions from these forums in our Twitter feed for Cre8.     Twitter is used differently by others, but I didn't realize
What's With Emoticons In Subject Lines And Conversations?
May 27th 2017, 01:31
My inbox is colorful.   Subject lines for emails that are tossed into the spam pile contain a line of emoticons of all colors and shapes, some of them animated and blinking!   Twitter conversations are like this too.     I like words.  I'm seeing marketers doing this and can't figure out why.     Can anyone explain what's happening?
I Don't See Https At Target Homedepot Kmart And Other Important Domains
May 25th 2017, 20:55
I go to the address box of my browser and type in the domain of sites I would expect to be security savvy like and and and they arrive with visible https and secure locks.However, when I go to the address box and type in or or these sites
Google (Big Brother) Is Now Checking Where You Purchase Off-Line
May 25th 2017, 18:32
If you are concerned about Internet privacy being invaded take a look at where google is going.  Its now tracking off line spending by credit card to your on line searches!   UH OH.  Google has some package of data on your spending habits!!!!!    That isn't good.  I could crack a joke about searching google for
Politicians Battle With Adwords
May 23rd 2017, 14:08
I know a lot of you are American (or otherwise non-British) but thought you might be amused by what was going down yesterday -

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How much does a link from another country count?
May 28th 2017, 01:29
Hello I was wondering: If I for instance got an Italien website that sells paintings. If I was able to get links from painting related websites in Spain, Greece etc. How much would these links count compared to similar sites from Italy? Are there any research on this subject? Best regards
Rel Canonical Question
May 25th 2017, 16:22
Hey ya'll, So I have a WP site using the WPML multilingual plugin and I want to know if I should be using rel="canonical" as shown below? Or will the canonical tag confuse search engines? GB site (default) Code: ---------
How to ... post articles to social channels?
May 25th 2017, 15:22
On a django website i have several content articles and we got the idea to target our audience via social channels (fb, tw, ...) with this content. Now we don't like to manually post on each of these channels but instead an ideal solution would be a cms like application from where we can
Keyword Cannibalization?
May 25th 2017, 08:02
Hello Everyone Is anyone know about Keyword Cannibalization? What is it? Is it affect SEO? Any answers would be much appreciated. Thank you.
Subpages redirect me to the homepage ...
May 24th 2017, 20:30
Hi, Im facing problem with one of my sub page in my wordpress site.Sub page redirect me to home page.Here si the link of my home page and my sub page aswell How to stop this redirection from my sub page to home page?My sub page has...