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Intel Critical Vulnerability in Desktop and Server Chipsets
November 23rd 2017, 11:35
Intel has said its Management Engine (ME), Server Platform Services (SPS) and Triusted Execution Engine (TXE) are all vulnerable to security flaws.
U.S. Net Neutrality Under Threat
November 23rd 2017, 11:34
Net Neutrality in the U.S is under threat.
E.U. Ends "Geoblocking" of Ecommerce Across Member States
November 22nd 2017, 10:11
The E.U. has reached agreement whereby consumers can buy products and services from any online business in any E.U. country.
Google Adds Trust Project Labelling
November 20th 2017, 12:36
Google is adding Trust Project labelling for newrooms to add to their content.
Google Says AMP Pages Must Have Close Content Parity or Receive Manual Action Message
November 17th 2017, 10:44
Google has said from February 1, 2018, AMP pages must have close content parity to comparable to the original canonical page content.

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Tracking...but Try And Find Me....
November 23rd 2017, 14:44
The last 3 days I have been going very deep into Google Tag Manager.   If you haven't used this before it is a complete ars* to get working on things like cross-domain tracking. If you are doing anything like this my advice is just to drop raw code into your website and run it that way.
Ibm Introduces A Free Dns Service
November 23rd 2017, 06:49
New free Quad9 DNS service has built-in security, privacy settings to protect internet users Quad9 (IP address: uses threat intelligence from their X-Force Threat Intelligence database, along with 18 other agencies, to compile a thorough blacklist of websites. Whenever a user attempts to navigate to a website that is
Asimov's 3 Laws Of Robotics By Ieee
November 23rd 2017, 06:08
Yes a clickbait title   IEEE announces 3 AI standards to protect human well-being in the robot revolutionDesigners of artificial intelligence systems must take human ethical considerations into account to protect our society, according to IEEE   1. Standard for ethically driven nudging for robotic, intelligent, and autonomous systems 2. Standard for
Fileless Malware: Invisible Threat Or Scaremongering Hype?
November 22nd 2017, 21:21
The article is a blatant plug (and chest thumping) for their anti-malware product but still informative. I use it on my main work PC. So this is mostly a FYI article.   ...fileless malware refers to a special type of cyberattack that can infect a system with malware without leaving an
Privacy Violation - What The Hell!
November 22nd 2017, 19:14
Ok, puzzle this one out.   We moved from one house to another. Same town. About 5 miles apart. Had Verizon FIOS shut down in old residence and turned on at new one (so that I'm always here you all...of course.)   Since the package comes with a landline hook up, we decided to go with it after not

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bot generated url's and meta tags?
November 23rd 2017, 10:25
Hi all, I put bot in the title for quick understanding of my question I'm thinking of generating urls and meta tags individually from a system. I think it may be a solution to reputation control. So here is a very rough outline of the system: I carry out a treatment on
What are the best 10 tools for On-Page SEOs?
November 23rd 2017, 07:24
What are the best 10 tools for On-Page SEOs?
Regarding MOZ Spam Scores
November 23rd 2017, 00:32
There are 4 spam scores indicates by MOZ. How to remove these spam scores? Are these badly affect for my site? Here are spam scores 1. Small proportion of branded links 2. Site markup is abnormally small 3. Large number of external links Image:
How to figure your max PPC.
November 21st 2017, 16:24
When did Facebook's audience which included 'job titles' category go? Anyone have any idea why it was removed? :|
Unnatural bounce rate
November 21st 2017, 06:57
A few days back while going through the GA I found some unnatural bounce rate. When I studied the data of last 2 months I came to know that there was some fishy activity, may be from my client's competitor. So what i observed in the data was that there was 100% bounce rate for