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Electronic Frontier Foundation Has Resigned From The W3C
September 22nd 2017, 23:57
FYI     Every W3C standard until 2017 formalised some technological means of giving users control over their computers, from the power to display a certain kind of image format to the power to render complicated web-pages in browsers. This week, the W3C published a first-of-its-kind recommendation titled Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) that does just the opposite.
Hackers Hijacked Ccleaner To Distribute Malware
September 22nd 2017, 14:46   The bug affects anyone who downloaded CCleaner version 5.33 or updated their version between August 15 and September 12. Talos is advising anyone who's worried to roll back their systems to a time before August 15, or reinstall them. They will also need to update to the latest
I Don't See Https At Target Homedepot Kmart And Other Important Domains
September 21st 2017, 22:05
I go to the address box of my browser and type in the domain of sites I would expect to be security savvy like and and and they arrive with visible https and secure locks.However, when I go to the address box and type in or or these sites
Ai Ethics, Future, Life
September 21st 2017, 16:47
I found myself sucked into the topic of AI over the weekend.  AI was a popular topic at PubCon and I wasn't sure why other than several keynote speakers seemed to target their talks to people under 28 years old.   The takeaways were that AI and virtual reality, and mobile are THE things we should be
Google Adds Machine Learning To Newsrooms
September 20th 2017, 17:20
Google is launching new features within its free Cloud Natural Languages API(shared software technology) that will help newsrooms and other businesses sort information so that it's easier to find later.     Scoop: Google adds new machine learning technology to newsrooms

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Local listing site improvement
September 23rd 2017, 05:27
How to improve my local listing sites ranking and traffic within next 3 month. currently is getting 100 unique visitor per day.
Question re: keywords in url
September 22nd 2017, 20:48
I'm probably over thinking this but let's say I was developing a travel site and wanted to geographically structure seo-friendly urls and also mirror hierarchy. Like so: would the fact that "tours" are in there twice be overdoing it?...
Canonical Issue
September 22nd 2017, 11:16
Hi, This is the website link ** and it shows the canonical issue and that cause to duplicate content. This issue comes up when I buy the SSL certificate and make redirection to redirect the website to *https://* .htaccess file code for redirection is ...
Issues with Google
September 22nd 2017, 11:10
I feel I have a good grasp of Google (been playing this game for 10 years) We used to be based in Oxfordshire (uk) and we had half a dozen location based landing pages which tended to rank top 3. When we moved to Dorset we needed to do the same and so
Urgent help require - Google webmaster showing less url submitted
September 22nd 2017, 03:36
Hello webmaster, We have google webmaster tool, I update it weekly, We have more than 14000+urls submitted in google and indexed 11000+, But today I saw submitted urls 1469 indexed urls 11722 Why google showing less submitted urls as we have actual urls 14000+..