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Google Chrome to Remove Secure Marking as Default on Sites From September
December 31st 1969, 18:00
HTTPS volumes must now be high enough for Google to take the decision to switch to HTTPS unmarked by default.
Google Research: Generating Original Wikipedia Content From Websites
May 18th 2018, 05:03
New research papers just published describes how entirely original Wikipedia pages are published from website content.
Choose Your Business Model Carefully
May 17th 2018, 09:54
Pay-for-removal scheme ends up with charges of extortion, money laundering, and identity theft.
U.S. Net Neutrality, Senate Votes For Retention
May 17th 2018, 04:01
In a surprising turn-about, the US Senate voted to keep Net Neutrality...
Facebook Publishes Community Enforcement Information
May 16th 2018, 05:06
Facebook says it took down 837 million pieces of spam in Q1 2018.

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Please Review -
May 21st 2018, 09:25
Hi, It's been a while! (2010 since I last posted!) but I've been trying to "make it" ever since and still refuse to give up :lol: I setup my new site in 2017 and I've made a few thousand 's of sales using adwords and merchant center but I was actually...
Need help in sitemap
May 21st 2018, 07:57
Hi Friends, I am working on a project and that is project is a very big. I am creating sitemap for that but little bit confuse For your understanding, i must tell you..this is a eCommerce portal... See, suppose domain name is suppose - and they created a sub domain like...
Help, my website
May 20th 2018, 21:11
Hey guys. I have a website that i have someone host. I am thinking, what if something happens to him? How can i access or let someone else obtain control of my site. What do i need, what info do i need from him in case he goes MIA or disappears? Thank you
Can live chat increase conversions?
May 20th 2018, 20:48
I'm not talking about a website in specific, it can be a normal websites for an offline business, an affiliate one or an e-commerce shop. I've been reading about it for a while, and I'm curious to see if it is really worth it or not. I've read that internet markets like Neil
The Host guestpost service
May 19th 2018, 21:41
Is anyone here familiar with The Host guest post service? Is this a good way to get backs? I am writing lots of good content for my site, but I want to jump-start the process of getting links (especially link from high DA sites). Would this help?