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Yahoo & Bing ads showing duplicate copy

Yahoo and Bing ads now show Description Line 1 (D1) in both their ad text and ad titles (see the image below)

E-commerce Lessons from Holiday Season 2014

It's always good to look back at what yourself and other e-commerce companies did during the holiday season to boost sales, in order to begin planning for your next holiday season.

McDonalds Begins Archenemies Video and Loses Brand Recognition?

We have all eaten at McDonalds.  It was after a soccer game or maybe at a birthday party, no matter what the occasion, we have all consumed their Happy Meals and Big Macs.

company shares how they made their real estate blog drive 18,000,000 visits/month in two years

Interesting and very detailed article on operationalizing content marketing within an organization for link acquisition

Don't forget the basics!

A great article on how to incorporate traditional marketing methods such as scarcity, personalization and appealing to basic emotions as part of your digital marketing strategy to increase leads an

Bots: Not just killing your CTR but also your PPC budget

The recent story about negative SEO being done through bots clicking on everything but 1 specific company was interesting and also tied in to a recent article on about bot fraud in t

Enhancing filter / sort options on site and in offers, can help many B2C retailors this holiday season

To be honest, I have not even thought how filter options may impact the LGBT visitor experience, an important duel income / brand loyal B2C customer segment...this is one of those

The Sales Funnel has Changed

A recent blog on Business 2 Community piqued my interest.

Google: pay $ monthly and in return see an ad-free web on participating sites

Google has announced launching

Google can take 3- 9 months to process large disavows...ya don't say..

You'll be waiting a bit if you've got a large disavow...During Google Webmaster hours t'was said

2015: The year for...staying the course?

It's November, which means the 2015 SEO prediction blogs are starting to crop up.

Google now paying webmasters $0.05 per consumer survey answer

Google has created embeddable consumer surveys and will pay webmasters 5 cents per click.

Political Election Marketing: Display Ads Are Finite In Battleground States

So apparently ad space is finite in video, etc for usage in election...

(probably because of restrictions in volume?)

having a secure website may be a ranking signal

According to two webmaster trends analysts, having an HTTPS site may slightly help rankings ....

Google Makes Changes to Images in Gmail

Google has made changes to the way they display images in Gmail. Images are now displayed in messages automatically.

Are You Ready For The 500+ New TLDs Being Released in 2014

Dr. Pete from good old Moz put up a great post about the 2014 Domain Gold Rush that is about to happen.



What is Google Adwords Display Select?

Google adwords has now realised a new type of adwords campaign called "Display Select".

Instagram Ads are Coming, Here is What They Will Look Like

Advertising is coming to Instagram. The popular photo sharing app showed off what they will look like. Honestly, it looks very similar to how parent company Facebook's ads look.

Brilliant example of storytelling...without even talking about the product

OK, gotta hand it ot the wonks at the agency LG hied for this campaign.  It's epic.

Facebook gives advertisers access to millions of stock photos free of charge

Facebook is offering advertisers that don't have thier own images a tantalizing carrot, choose from a library of milions of stock photos for no extra cost.