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New Contextual Ad Network Launches - AdMarketplace

Thread Title: AdMarketplace Unveils Contextual Ad Network Thread Url: Thread Description:

Hot on the heels of Chitika comes Conducive's AdMarketPlace. Clickz have the scoop in the story threadlinked above but i must say, bearing in mind that Conducive also provide search engine marketing and their site is utterly unspiderable their offering doesn't inspire much confidence at first glance.

Also, they could do with hiring someone to help with their PR - check this out:

"We've taken a lot of the learnings from that and repackaged it a bit into maybe an AdSense version of that system," said Jim Waltz, president and CEO of Conducive, referring to Google's contextual ad program.

Sheesh, is it or isnt it Jim?

Podvertising makes it's debut - As an idea...

Thread Title: Pondering Podvertising Possibilities Thread Url: Thread Description:

Im more than a little behind the curve with podcasting but thanks to Aaron im at least familiar with the general idea :)

Today, in the article threadlinked above, Steve Rubel talks about the possiblility of reaching the streets ahead super early adopters that make up the burgeoning ipod nation.

You can’t walk 50 feet in a major city without seeing them. You can spot them a mile away by the dual white wires that dangle from their ears. They’re young, technically savvy, loyal, enthusiastic card-carrying members of the burgeoning iPod Nation. They represent an attractive demographic of early adopter influencers that marketers covet. And, thanks to an emerging revolution in online audio content called podcasting, there are all kinds of new and exciting ways to reach them through “podvertising.”

So, i have 3 questions for Threadwatchers if I may:

Do you have an Ipod? Is it cool? Will the new gen mobiles kill it?

Go on, help me get up to speed...

Dynamic Logic Launch Ad Impact Database

Thread Title: Online ad impact database launched Thread Url: Thread Description:

DL Europe have launched an online ad impact database, MarketNorms based on data gathered from 1400 campaigns and taken from 1.5M respondents over the last 5yrs.

Types of campaign analysis the database can be used for include:

Optimal frequency Impact of technology - e.g. rich media vs. gif Impact of ad format - e.g. skyscraper vs. banner Valuable in-depth demographic, category and creative information

Netimperitive have the full scoop in the threadlink above.

Google Plans Animated Ads

Thread Title: Google Plans Animated Ads Thread Url: Thread Description:

Never thought Google would do this !

Google will test animated ads through its AdSense network, the search company said yesterday.

The animated image ads will appear shortly on Web sites that opted to display Google's graphical ad units, which the company introduced in May. Until now, Google has allowed advertisers to use only static banner ads. A test group will run animated GIF files, though Google said it would keep its maximum file size for image ad units at 50 kilobytes.

Adsense - Is Rich Media the Next Step?

Thread Title: AdSense: Next Stop, Rich Media Thread Url: Thread Description:

Gary Stein asks if Rich Media will be the next step for Adsense. Logically, yes, most likely I think, and it would rock..

With the adding of adsense url channels and other features today, what can we expect next?

Click Fraud Detection Solutions List

Thread Title: Click Fraud and How to Stop It Thread Url: Thread Description:

Here's a nice little list of clickfraud solutions from the se journal threadlinked above. Most of the article is probably wasted on Threadwatchers but if you dont know what click fraud is then certainly check it out.

ClickDetective ClickDetective allows you to track return visitors to your site and alerts you if there is evidence that your site may be under attack. Its reports show you every click in real time rather than a summary hours later.

Who’ This fraud detector tracks all PPC search engines, detects multiple IP’s, and even pops up a “ClickMinder” after a potential abuser clicks repeatedly over five times.

BogusClick BogusClick can help advertisers determine competitor IP addresses, originating PPC search engines and/or partner sites involved, as well as keywords used.

Clicklab Clicklab employs a score-based click fraud detection system that applies a series of tests to each visitor session and assigns scores. Calculations are made to indicate bad/good sessions to show an advertiser the quality of traffic.

Can anyone add to that list?

Message Boards - The Missed Opportunity of Marketing

Thread Title: Message Boards Missed Marketing Opportunity Thread Url: Thread Description:

Theres a lovely short post over at adverblog on one of the great missed opportunities of online marketing: The message board.

I agree with the general principle that communication with clients via forums and other social media is a massive missed opp for most companies - in the post, they talk about fixing a customer problem: The guy complains about the product, then gets a nice response saying "right! I'll talk to our design guy about that and come back to you ok?" - It's the little things that count.

If a company is seen to take swift action on customer problems, and to take customer suggestions and feedback seriously it inspires confidence in all who witness the exchange. In the context of a message board, that exchange can be refered to again and again by linking to it in future cases. How could interacting with your customers and being actively involved with them possibly be a bad thing?

Also, there's the benefit for search marketing, thousands of highly specialized search terms in the titles of your pages, and the noticeable benefit dynamically grown and organic looking site content provides. Ok, so that's pure(ish) speculation on the boost to rankings but im not the only one to have remarked on this lately, Mikkel has also said he's noticed it and so have a few others around the community.

So what do you all think, is there ROI in communities?

Doubleclick Ditches SiteAdvance - Partners with Omniture

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Doubleclick are to drop SiteAdvance their web analytics solution completely, once customes have migrated to the Omniture's SiteCatalyst as part of the new partnership between the two firms.

Jupiters Eric Peterson had this to say:

My feeling is that while many talk about the idea of a "360 degree view of the customer" integrating advertising and marketing with CRM and analytics, few actually deliver on the promise. If Omniture and DoubleClick are successful in this partnership, and if Omniture is able to get a critical mass of existing DoubleClick customers to migrate instead of going to RFP and looking at established commerce offerings from Coremetrics, Fireclick or WebSideStory, this partnership could be another big step towards the promise of the universal marketing interface.

Explorer users 4x more likely to click ads than Firefox users

Thread Title: Firefox users ignore online ads, report says Thread Url: Thread Description:

No shit sherlock...

On the basis that Firefox users are clearly superior beings of vast intellect and thus more likely to use the tools provided than their cranially challenged cousins the IE users, I'd say it was a no brainer that less ads are clicked by the FF boys and girls...

Adsense Bans Pharma Sites

Thread Title: you monetize your prescription drug or tobacco sites with Adsense... Thread Url: Thread Description:

Thats right pharma boys and girls, no more adsense on pill sites:

The changes to the policies today include:

Incentives (monetary or point-based) to users to click on links or ads while visiting a site containing Ads Sales or promotion of certain weapons, such as firearms, ammunition, balisongs, butterfly knives, and brass knuckles Sales or promotion of beer or hard alcohol Sales or promotion of tobacco or tobacco-related products Sales or promotion of prescription drugs

Jenstar has the details in the threadlink above...

added: goddamit - i cant speel, type, or paste urls correctly - soory!

Most Hated Advertising Techniques

Thread Title: Most Hated Advertising Techniques Thread Url: Thread Description:

An interesting article by the usuability Guru Jakob Nielsen about the most hated advertising techniques.

Advertising is an integral part of the Web user experience: people repeatedly encounter ads as they surf the Web, whether they're visiting the biggest portals, established newspapers, or tiny personal sites. Most online advertising studies have focused on how successful ads are at driving traffic to the advertiser, using simple metrics such as clickthrough rates.

Unfortunately, most studies sorely neglect the user experience of online ads. As a result, sites that accept ads know little about how the ads affect their users and the degree to which problematic advertising tricks can undermine a site's credibility. Likewise, advertisers don't know if their reputations are degraded among the vast majority of users who don't click their ads, but might well be annoyed by them.

City Search Launch Pay Per Call Ad Service

Thread Title: Citysearch, local company promote pay-per-call Thread Url: Thread Description:

Siliconbeat in the threadlink above report on Citysearch's launch of their new Pay for Performance - Pay Per Call Ad service - Essentially, tracking calls aswell as clicks on the local search engine.

Less than a year old, pay-per-call is an alternative to the pay-per-click ad model popularized by Google and Overture. With pay-per-call, the merchant-advertiser only pays for its ad or listing after someone has picked up the phone and called them. Because phone calls are often considered better sales leads than someone clicking on your web site, advertisers will usually pay more for them, typically a few dollars per call. It's an ad model that's being marketed especially hard to local merchants.

Now if someone could just do that for affiliate merchants a lot of us would be very, very happy...

Word of Mouth Marketing & Blog Marketing - Same Thing?

Thread Title: The Hidden (in Plain Sight) Persuaders Thread Url: Thread Description:

This article in the NY Times threadlinked above talks about word of mouth marketing a la BzzAgent where normal everyday people can sign up to become a "buzz agent" and quietly and unobtrusively market the company's clients products by just using them, taking them to parties or whatever.

The example given is one of some chicken sausages that on 4th July weekend this year were taken by hordes of secret buzz agents to BBQ's and parties all over the US.

Isn't this the same thing as the Blog "Product Placement" Scheme? It seems to me that this is exactly the same as the Blogger Affiliates that get paid to talk up products in their popular blogs.

There's a massive hoohah surrounding this as some bloggers take up arms against the scheme for various reasons including the fact that it commercializes blogs at all, disclosure issues and more. In the post linked above I've voiced my scorn of the scheme aswell and added my voice to the angry throng :)

However, reading the NYT article gave me pause for thought. I've not solidified that thought into any coherent opinion as yet but imagine this: That a scheme like that be opened to all bloggers - as widespread as adsense is now. Pick products suited to your blog and write about them...

It's just affiliate marketing of course, but with the right kind of spin and heavy marketing it could provide a real winner for companies wanting to target the online word of mouth which is blogging.


Adwords - Affilates and the Dreaded Feast and Famine syndrome

Thread Title: Clicks Up - Clicks Down - Trend bites Thread Url: Thread Description:

If you're using Adwords for your affiliate programs you might well be familiar with this scenario, member Havok2004 describes how when he starts a campaign, more often than not it does incredibly well for the first few days then fizzles out to nothing...

You have to wade through some obvious waffle but AdwordsAdvisor, a Google AW rep and a few other knowledgable folks are in the discussion so it's certainly worth a peak.

nick3131 has something to say about the problem that may bear looking into:

No youre not the first person to see great sales the first couple of days and then everything goes to #*$!. You're suffering from the same thing that alot of other affiliate bidders suffer from, and its non diversifying ads. Beleive it or not people are way more likely to buy something they have never seen before. So the first days that your ads are run chances are the people who are clicking on your ads have never encountered that product. But as the time goes on you have alot of the same people clicking on your ads. To make matters worse someone else just picked up on what youre selling, now youre competing with yourself. SO chances are that visitor who was once totally new to your product already has seen the product but only clicked on your ad because it was new to him. If you've ever shopped online you tend to go through different merchants before making a purchase. Well if they are landing on the same exact merchant from a different ad, guess what, thats bad for conversions.

Im not a PPC guy so i only understand the basics however, i know we have PPC Heavy Hitters in here so perhaps one of them can give an educated opinion on this here at TW?

Google AdSense contributes to highest ever domain name registrations

Thread Title: The David Beckham Effect Spotted in the Wild Thread Url: Thread Description:

"Interesting how one contextual advertising program can make such an impact. And no, I am not going to admit how many domain names I have registered because I thought it would be perfect for a content site with AdSense :)"

So we have adsense impacting the domain market, not too much of a leap of faith to connect it to sandbox too, imho.

From the increasingly excellent

Forbes Ditch IntelliTXT Ads after Editors Complain

Thread Title: Forbes Ditches Embedded Text Ads After Complaints From Editors Thread Url: Thread Description:

Forbes have dropped the embedded text ads from vibrant media - The IntelliTXT ads work much the same as adsense but instead of clearly marked ads the contextual ad links appear in the body of a web pages main content.

This will be an enormous blow to Vibrant, Forbes were their largest and highest profile client.

Apparently the Forbes editorial staff have been complaining about the practice of mixing ads in editorial, cant say i blame them..

details via jensense

The Video News Letter - Email News Letters get an Upgrade

Thread Title: Video Newsletter Gets High Viral Pass-Along & Unusually Strong Clicks Thread Url: Thread Description:

FC has an article about a firm specializing in video news letters in conjunction with thier clients traditional email news letters.

They report a 24-35% CTR from the email sent out that contains the link to the 3min video and FC reports that the fact that the "reading population" accounts for less than 10% of us makes this a more than viable option to cover a wider audience and get your message out there.

Drenik hired a local video production crew and had their trained scriptwriters turn the long newsletters into video scripts for an average three-minute video. He tells the scriptwriters which are the hottest stories so they know what to focus on and what to cut.

The final approved script includes camera angles and videographer direction in addition to the words to be read. (See sample below.)

The team selects and hires a local TV anchor or TV reporter to moonlight on the side as the official video newsletter presenter. They try to match personality to the brand personality of the company that will be sending out the newsletter. They also look for stability -- is this an on-air personality who'll be staying in the area for a while so they can be counted on for the long haul?

Then final edited video is transferred into a format which can be streamed from a Web site. Drenik insisted on a format that did not require the use of a player, because he knew it might be a hump some newsletter recipients are unwilling to pass over. Getting the information had to be as easy as turning on your TV, with no possible tech challenges.

It's good stuff, check it out at the threadlink above...

Sitematch: Organic Rankings Suicide?

Thread Title: Msn, Yahoo/inktomi/overture Trusted Feed, And what happens to Organic Crawl data Thread Url: Thread Description:

This is an interesting thread, as it shows that even in the minds of some of the more experienced practitioners such as Jill Whalen and ProjectPHP their still exists a degree of uncertainy and cloudiness when it comes to this PFI program. The main question is whether or not you reappear once your budget has expired, based upon your original 'natural' crawl position. Lots of 'possibly's', and 'should's' from David at Trellian, along with a few helpful suggestions.

Sitematch was launched back in May sometime. At the time I read various threads at WMW from confused webmasters grappling to get to grips with whether it was a good or a bad thing.

Questions like

If you submitted to sitematch, what would be the position once your budget was exhausted.

Would sitematch be the kiss of death for an affiliate content website.

What about a site that had an INK penalty, would they be considered under this scheme, would they be included whilst their budget was active this wmw thread threw up all sorts of issues.

I haven't really looked at Sitematch for a while, I dont know if its changed, improved or gotten worse even. At this moment in time, natural crawls (for me at least) seem to cut the mustard, I don't see a need or requirement for it and I don't entirely trust it either. Can anyone point to a definitive position? Is sitematch dead in the water, or has it undergone some mysterious not very well publicised rebirth?

Behavioral Targeting Moving Forward in 2005

Thread Title: New Applications for Behavioral Targeting Thread Url: Thread Description:

There have been a couple of good posts about behavioral targeting today, i've linked to Jupiter analyst Gary Steins one. The other is this clickz piece by Dave Morgan.

Gary says:

Behavioral Targeting is in a pretty interesting space right now--it has becoming a category in its own right. That means:

More than a few vendors have developed sophisticated systems Publishers of note are integrated the systems The challenges--such as audience standardization--have been identified and solutions are making their way into the marketplace

Now that the systems are in place, its time for them to be used. That is, time for advertisers to begin to not only understand how the systems work, but also what they can be used for.

Dave points out that the the figure for marketers using behavioral targeting in 2004 is around 16% which seems high to me but he also says, on the subject of: Has behavioral targeting arrived yet?

My answer and those of most people I talk to are the same: No. Today's behavioral targeting applications are still a long way from fulfilling that elusive promise we all signed up for in helping build the marketers' "perfect medium."

and goes on to point out the major disciplines in BT that should see growth in 2005:

Look alike targeting and Life stage targeting

Go check out his article for the full details...

Viewpoint to Aquire Unicast

Thread Title: Viewpoint to Aquire Unicast Thread Url: Thread Description:

News just in - Viewpoint is to aquire Unicast - a serious development in the ad biz.

Here's the press release

Marking the first true consolidation in the Rich Media space, Viewpoint Corporation is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement to acquire Unicast Communications Corporation. The acquisition creates the first company that offers advertisers, agencies and Web publishers every major form of online advertising - from video to Macromedia Flash™, streaming to pre-cached, full-screen to in-page, interactive 3D to high-resolution 2D - all with full creative and campaign management and next-generation tracking and reporting.

Viewpoint currently serve MSN, Yahoo and AOL - there is a pdf to download here