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Digital Ad Spend Grows and grows and grows

Worldwide, digital ad spending passed the $100-billion mark for the first time last year, according to new eMarketer estimates, and will increase by a further 15.1% in 2013 to $118.4 billion

Is MarketingExperiments Really This Clueless?

I don't even know where to start. MarketingExperiments recent article, "Harnessing Social Media - Web 2.0 Grows Up - Free Internet Traffic," has so many holes and is so off the mark, it makes me wonder if they've been sipping too much of grandpa's cough syrup over there.

Google Launch Pay-Per-Lead Affiliate Network Worldwide

Just noticed this in one of my accounts:

Google Adwords Operating in Stealth Mode

If you're running Google adwords you may want to log in and check your accounts as they have done another quality score update overnight.

Google: Please Click Your Own AdSense Ads

Danny Sullivan highlighted that Google is growing careless about publishers clicking their own ads:

Accidents happen from the Google Inside AdSense blog today caught my eye. Apparently, lots of publishers accidentally click on their ads and write in to Google to say sorry. Don't worry, says Google, "chances are we've already detected your clicks on your ads and discounted them." Bull.

Seriously, bull. Here's an example. Over on my personal blog Daggle, I have AdSense ads. If I accidentally click on one of those ads, how does Google know that it was me the blog owner that did that and thus automatically issues a credit?

Maybe they are trying to offset for the recent MFA purge.

Via the DoubleClick purchase.. what if Google could re-brand your site?

I love listening to music via whenever I'm not home, don't have an MP3 player, etc. I'm probably behind on when they first started advertising this way... but just noticed that they're rebranding the Pandora site every few times that I click through to refresh. The adverts appear to be Doubleclick URLs.

Email Spam Blocker Launches Distributed Social Spam Network

Collactive, a Seqouia backed company, has created a platform for spamming social bookmarking sites. The same company was originally behind a spam blocking email service.

Best Ad Campaigns Ever

Dean recently pointed at AdAge's article about the top 100 advertising campaigns.

Stealing Thunder

XKCD is an online comic strip that doesn't do much (or any) marketing that I'm aware of. They inadvertently came up with a great marketing idea out of cynicism.

Fast Launches Their Open Ad Service

Fast announced the release of their new ad service:

Fast Search and Transfer on Monday released FASTMedia, software that lets media companies like newspaper publishers deliver results tailored to their local markets without striking revenue-sharing deals with search companies.

How long will it be until these newspapers make a common practice of selling classified ads as content that gets indexed and ranked, like Forbes does? to Launch Contextual Ad Network

SEL reports that Ask will roll out a contextual ad network, starting with their own premium branded sites:

Google as a Public Utility?

Larry Brilliant, executive director of, wrote an article titled The Spreading Epidemic, which paints Google as a public utility:

"Anyone have a cart icon handy?" Y launches PayPal Checkout program

Yahoo! launches PayPal Checkout program "that enables a streamlined purchase process for the over 130 million PayPal customers on the Internet."

Google adds preferred cost bidding in AdWords

Google has added a new feature for advertisers in AdWords. It is going to be known as 'preferred cost bidding' or 'preferred CPC bids'.

The Real Reason Google Doesn't Like Paid Links

Being a (Near) Monopoly is Expensive

The more I think about it the more I realize why Google doesn't like the various flavors of paid links. It has nothing to do with organic search relevancy. The problem is that Google wants to broker all ad deals, and many forms of paid links are more efficient than AdWords is. If that news gets out, AdWords and Google crumble.

Google to Buy DoubleClick for $3.1 Billion Cash

Announced on MarketWatch:

Project Apollo: Old Media Is Watching You

Project Apollo is a cross-platform analytics program developed by Proctor & Gamble with Arbitron (radio) and Nielsen (TV) to track all aspects of people's advertising consumption and purchasing behavi

How Spammy Are Your AdSense Ads?

In a world of automation, is it better if a publisher knows and trusts what their site recommends, or is it better if the ads are chose by a computer? Does it hurt the publisher if they have no idea what their website is promoting, linking to, or being associated with?

Getting Real: Success Breeds Arrogance

Absolutism is remarkable and linkworthy until you piss people off. The condescending nature of 37Signals Blog is causing people to lose faith in their product quality.

What was once remarkable still is, but for different reasons. Do any TWers still use 37Signals stuff?

Domainers Owning Google?

A couple well known domainers have recently started blogging. Rick Schwartz recently published his 10 commandments.