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CPC Site Targeting tests open

Reports from both WebmasterWorld and DigitalPoint Forums show that Google has begun sending out invites to AdWords advertisers to test out the CPC Site Targeting option.

Check out : Post on DigitalPoint -

Google Testing Images near AdSense ads.

It looks like Google is testing using images near AdSense ads. Users at DigitalPoint reported they saw AdSense advertisements, which had images in it. As it is said Google officially disallowed images near AdSense Ads in December 2006, so they are breaking their own rules.

Damages Awarded for Receiving Spam

An Internet consultant who won damages in a Scottish court after he received a single unwanted email has launched a campaign to help people tackle "spammers".

He did get damages awarded - but it was not as it first appears...

The Underlings are revolting (Yahoo and ask Bash Google)

Just saw this on Vallywag

In the graphical style of a 21st century revolutionary movement, Google's rivals are mounting an advertising campaign against the increasingly dominant search engine. Stop the online information monopoly, the catchline urges, in this poster, spotted in a London tube carriage, by Ben Werdmuller. It's not a dumb strategy for an also-ran. Apple's campaign against the dictatorship of the PC, which dates back to its famous 1984 ad, helped it retain a few non-conformists. But, unwisely, the anti-Google campaign's authors appear to disguise their role. The ad promotes, a domain owned by Profero, a marketing firm retained by search rivals Ask and Yahoo. I'm sure the agency's creatives proposed a deeply ironic guerrilla campaign; it may have been, as the Brits say, too clever by half; Ask and Yahoo just look sneaky.

Tests of Google Keyword Tool Showing Search Counts

Google is testing providing search volume in real numbers in Google Keyword Tool. Right now the Google Keyword Tool is providing only a rough guide via a coloured bar.

The screenshots can be found here

Google AdWords testing yellow background on ads above the search results

As it was enclosed in JenSense blog as Jen spoke wioth Dave, that Google is testing yellow background on ads above the search results. Instead of the usual blue background you usually see with AdWords above the search results, these ads had a yellow background.

Finally Transparency In Googles Content Partners?

Jen spotted this over in the NY Times -

In the next few months, Google’s advertiser reports will begin listing the sites where each ad runs, Ms. Malone said.

Damn you, Skrenta

I read Battelle's post here and the phrase that immediately came to mind was "I for one welcome our new insect overlords."

Search Engines Push for Video Game Ads

In a recent inteview with Graywolf, RCJordan predicted that video game system ads may play a bigger role than mobile ads in the near future:

"You'd buy a cowpie if it was wrapped in cellophane."

Joel Johnson: Supporting Crap.

A good read. May be linkbait, but still a good read.

New Google Checkout Icons - These Things Are Huge!

Has anyone noticed the new google checkout icons in the google results? These buttons/icons are so huge it's ridiculous. Seems like Google is trying very very hard to catch up to paypal.

Here's a screenshot:

50% Off ReviewMe

Sort of a self promo here, but, to be fair, it is something that was sorta asked for. I bugged Patrick and got him to create a coupon code for first time ReviewMe users. For the rest of this month advertisers get 50% off ReviewMe reviews by using the coupon code trial.

Out in the bricks: What happens if you remove ads and such that are not required for public safety?

This. Just goes to show the saturation level of marketing, doesn't it?

The Downward Spiral of Google's Search Network

With all the hoopla over Google's newest "search" partner, it seems we've overlooked a new major player on the scene in the Google search network, You might be saying, who? But at closer glance, they've actually been able to send double the traffic of Google all in the course of a 24 hour surge. The folks at Microsoft and Yahoo! would love to be able to add that market share overnight.

Blog Spam Hits the Headlines

The Guardian (UK) don their finest Columbo coat and investigate blog spamming affiliates.

Domaining Goes Social - Domain Parking 2.0

Daily Domainers News has an interesting story about how Richard Rosenblatt and Demand Media are turning traditional PPC parking pages into social content sites:

Social Media eh?

I keep waiting for TW and one of the largest webmaster forums on the Web to embrace social media. Where are the 'Digg" icons on TW and WMW? Where is 'submit to Netscape'?

C'mon, two of the most read destinations on the Web by webmasters are ignoring Web 2.0? What you say? SearchEngineLand? 'Scuse, me, but Danny made it nearly impossible to comment with that archaic TypePrison system he's using. How Web 2.0 is that?

Do Ad Agencies Have Better 'Strategy' Than SEM Firms?

Andrew Goodman compares the strategy of ad agencies to SEM firms, noting that most ad agency synergistic strategy revolves around schmoozing:

Does Google Got Game?

A story from CNN and the Wall Street Journal says Google may be looking to aquire a gaming company for new ad placements inside of video games

Google in talks to buy video game ad firm Adscape

Wikipedia Nofollows External Links

From the 'pedia:

At Jimbo Wales' directive, all external links within the English language Wikipedia are now coded "nofollow" -- this should help cut spamming immensely once word gets out in the SEO community.