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No Images Next To Adsense Ads

This area has seemed to be very grey over the years but it looks like we have some definitive clarification from the Adsense team. Images next to ads are now unacceptable.

Ad and image placement: a policy clarification

Controlling the Conversation - SEO Beyond Links

IMHO you can ignore links. If a site is useful, generating conversation, and gaining mindshare the links and rankings will fall into place. And most legitimate publishers don't give a crap whether or not they pass PageRank.

Pay Per Post now requires disclosure on blogs

As a result of the recent kerfluffle by the FTC about word of mouth advertising Pay Per Post is requiring disclosure.

'Paid-for' email set to launch in the UK

The company behind AOL and Yahoo's anti-spam 'paid-for' email scheme is to launch the service in the UK next spring. While the cost to send emails will rise, there are reports of an improved click-thru rate from recipients.

Yahoo - We Don't Have Clickfraud, But We Will Reimburse you for Goodwill

While Google has it's head firmly in in the sand denying click fraud exists Yahoo is playing a semantics game refunding Pepperjam $10,000 for "Goodwill" not click fraud. - that's forward thinking !

A few weeks back The Founder picked up on the utube story

Just visit the site back out of curiosity and what did I see?: A complete new design and a top banner with a search and links to ring tones, poker, games etc..

FTC: WOMM Links & Affiliate Links Need Disclosure

The FTC recently reported an opinion on word of mouth marketing stating that if you are paid for an endorsement you need to disclose that:

Sony Follows Wal Mart's Lead in Online Public Relations

In an attempt to undermine their own brand, Sony hired a PR firm to set up a fake PSP fan site:

101 ways to improve your conversion rate

I know this looks like one of those Squeeze pages, but get past the uber long page and you have a really quality resource of ideas to look into.

It's a start to finish guide to making the most of your traffic:

Google begins Radio Ads

Google Inc. said on Thursday it has completed the development of its widely anticipated radio advertising system and begun a limited test allowing customers to buy ads via its online ad-buying system.

Do SSL Certificates affect your domain

Interesting observation about how websites with SSL Certificates might be treated better by spam filters than sites without - even if they don't need them for e-commerce.

Google’s Top Secret Display Advertising Network

Recently, Google started a new ad network but is not telling anyone about it – the Google Display Advertising Network. The Google Display Advertising Network was created so Google can go after Fortune 1000 companies, which buy advertising to build a brand more than to sell a product.

Real Money in Virtual Worlds?

I keep reading articles like The metaphysical economies and Second Life's PR Avatar, and am wondering, is there any money in marketing in these virtual worlds?

Yahoo Search Marketing Goes for Mystery Bidding

It looks like the folks at Yahoo Search Marketing (formerly Overture) have started to drink from the Google keep everybody guessing and in the dark kool aid from the info I just got in an email.

As you will soon notice when you log into your Sponsored Search account, we are making some important changes to your Manage Bids page.

Why is Google Adwords ignoring our landing pages?

Yesterday we spotted a big problem with our Google Adwords ads, after noticing that Google is ignoring our choice of landing page. Instead, it redirects people to our homepage.

Google Using User Data Into Quality Score & Bid Prices?

I know a lot people don’t like it or don’t want to hear it but I believe they are incorporating user data and parts of the organic algorithm into the quality score. It’s much more than just high CTR and or conversion rates that keep you from getting price jacked. Since the organic algo is updated and tweaked every few months if they were using it we should also see updates to the quality scores at periodic intervals during the next year, so we’ll have to stay tuned and watch.

Dot Gov.Uk Links For All

It's not quite the parasitic hosting that was on Ebay last week, but the UK government's new E-petition site allows you to submit your own petition on a subject of your choice and with a campaign site link. With a bit of imagination and lateral thinking, why not get a nice link for free - how anyone would benefit from having a link on .gov site though, I can only imagine? ;)

Google to eclipse Yahoo! in traffic by year-end 2007?

A research note by CitiGroup analyst suggests that Google will become the highest-trafficked site on the planet a year from now.

ME video viral marketing bollocks??

Either I completely misread this, or Marketing Experiments - recently acquired by Marketing Sherpa - by got it completely wrong.

In a study into video as a viral marketing technique, they:

New Adwords Dashboard Released into the Wild

This may be old new for some but as I signed up for, yet another, adwords account I was greeted with new welcome page. Looks like Google is heading into the world of the dashboard. (screen below)

Adwords will be adding alerts & announcements - nothing too new here BUT I hope the space will be used to give quicker action to high level problems, less a space for more marketing messaging. Right the preferences are the same as they have always been - no changes. Would be interesting if they started giving alerts for 'abnormal' traffic patterns and/or having alerts sent to your cell phone...