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How to Make Your WordPress Site Google Faster and AMP Compatible

A few years ago, Google made site speed a ranking factor and later it also introduced AMP as the way to make the web even faster.

Separate mobile index coming within "months," to be treated a primary Google index

Google has been teasing a mobile index, separate from their desktop index, for some time now.

A Separate Mobile Search Index Is Still Coming

Now that more than 50% of all searches happen on mobile devices, Google's Gary Illyes says that it makes sense to have a separate, mobile-only index.

67% of mobile shoppers convert on desktop

This just popped up in my Twitter feed

Google's New Mobile Friendly Test Adds Comprehensive Blocked Resources Report

Just in case you were wondering if Google still values the mobile web - the answer is "yep!" Their mobile friendliness test was launched prior to Mobilegeddon and now it's getting an upgrade!

Mobile Page Speed May Provide a Ranking Boost

Mobile usability is Google's meat and potatoes project these days - by that I mean it's taking up a big section on their plate.

Google: Deceptive Mobile Traffic Networks Will Be Punished

Affiliate traffic networks are apparently a big problem in the mobile world these days.

The Mobile Minute: Bing Mobile Friendly Test; Use Google Maps offline

About a year ago Google launched their Mobile Friendly Test Tool.

Mobile-friendly algorithm update axes your interstitials

Back in June Google warned against app interstitials and, like clockwork, they're already penalizing you for having them.

Mobilegeddon is Over but Google and Microsoft Are Not Done

April 21, 2015... a day that was supposed to live in infamy for search marketers.

Google made mobile moves, now Bing follows suit

Back in November, Google began noting whether a website is mobile friendly in the search results themselves.

'Mobilegeddon' is Coming on April 21: Are Your Ready?

In the past it hasn’t been clear what factors Google considers in their algorithm for mobile rankings.

How to find out if you're good to go for the mobile update

Google has said that the upcoming mobile update is an "on or off" thing, where you either do well or you don't, with no grey areas.

Google takes another step in favor of mobile usability w/ Chrome autocomplete ehancement

Google's impending doom on us all for mobile unfriendly websites is not its only effor toward making the Internet one big mobile experience.

Will "auto complete" form markup be a ranking factor?

Yesterday Google posted a blog post strongly encouraging webmasters to implement the "auto complete" markup on their forms to improve form conversions, especially on mobile devices.

Will googles mobile friendly update be bigger than Panda & Penguin?

As quoted in this search engine land article :

Big Google Mobile Update Incoming

Google rarely announces their major algorithm updates ahead of time but just recently they have let it be known that starting April 21st, they will be "expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a

It's Time to Let Google Back In

You might rank for your phrase but if you block Google’s crawlers, you might not get what you were hoping for in mobile search results, causing users to move on.

Google Pushes Mobile Usability on to Webmasters Even More

Unless you have looked at your Mobile Usability tab in the Search Traffic section of Google Webmaster Tools, you may not have even noticed you have a Mobile Usability issue.

New Google Tool: Mobile-Friendly Test

Google launched a new tool for mobile testing, offering a pass/fail grade. If your site fails, it lists a handful of tips, but doesn't get too granular.