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Revenue Leakage on Mobile Content

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As the market for mobile content grows the potential for revenue leakage does aswell. Threadlinked above is a look at the problems facing mobile content providers outlining the major business aspects and potential pitfalls for revenue leakage in an emerging industry:

Some figures:

he Yankee Group predicts that the U.S. mobile data market alone will represent $15.6 billion by 2008. QPass, for one, has seen tremendous growth in mobile content usage among its customers. The average transaction value for subscribers of QPass customer providers is $2.28. In September, QPass mobile operator customers achieved an average of $7.55 per purchasing subscriber, with an average spend of $36 to $42 per year for mobile content services.

Key problems:

To remain competitive, mobile operators often will roll out these content services before they are able to bill for them. When one U.K. mobile operator decided to roll out MMS, it offered the service free as a customer promotion, according to Megisto Chief Technology Officer Joel Halpern, but the promotion was free simply because the operator didn't know how to charge for it.

By far, mismanaging the relationships between all of the various entities is one of the greatest leakage points for mobile content. The process of revenue sharing and settling with third parties increases the need to accurately track revenue, and it only heightens the impact of potential leakage for both the content provider and mobile operator.

Just determining who is actually suffering the leakage—the mobile operator or the content provider—is a challenge. Often, neither player has the visibility needed to manage the transaction from start to finish.

It's a fairly detailed article but a skim through the key points gives a good overview of the industry itself and some of the problems it currently faces.

Crunkie - A Location Based Mobile Social Network

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This new mobile, location based network comes in via smart mobs via mcd and is, as far as im aware, one of a kind.

The idea is that via a map interface, downloadable to your phone you can blog about a location and network with friends. It's feature list reads like this:

A Find Me and Friend Finder applications for users to locate either themselves or family and friends on a map-based interface Mobile J2ME (Java) & BREW application with vector-based map-based interface Advanced location capabilities such as pan and zoom controls, sophisticated visualization and navigation Location-based Messaging (to SMS) and blogging to friends -- from both Web and mobile phone Multiple search criteria such as location, category, author popularity, time

I understand it's now being offered by WaveMarket in the US with Asia, Europe and Latin America in 2005

It's this kind of social app that will really make mobile fun i think, interesting eh?

Just how connected are you?

Thread Title: but are you a member of the "Smart Mob Generation"? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Funny but cool wiki post threadlinked above asking if you're a member of the "smart mob generation".

In brief:

Do you wear a computer? Do you text? Are you wacky when you're not wified? Have you have turned some of your “remembering” over to a technology object? Do you participate in online reputation systems?

This makes me feel a bit old, my wife even discovered my fist grey hairs a few weeks back and i bloody hate SMS heh... However, it's a good point i think. Just how connected are you?

Personally im more than a little uncomfortable if i have to spend any more than about 3hrs from a connection. I regularly eat dinner whilst posting/reading and if i get up in the night i cant help but check what's going on - sad but true...

via smart mobs

Mobile Phones Alter Human DNA

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The BBC report on an EU funded research projects findings that mobile phones do indeed alter human DNA - they're not clear whether this would have long term effects or not.

The scientists behind the study said more research was needed to determine the actual effect of the phones on health.

But they said, as a precaution, people should not use a mobile if there was a land-line available.

And there was me, just itching to go 3G next year...

old laptop + one of these = wireless jukebox

Thread Title: old laptop + one of these = wireless jukebox Thread Url: Thread Description:

Netgear's MP101 Digital Music Player

PalmSource Porting Palm OS to Linux

Thread Title: PalmSource to port Palm OS to Linux Thread Url: Thread Description:

Slightly old news in the thread above, from a week ago but very significant for the mobile market long term.

Palm Source the maker of the Palm OS used in PDA's and Mobile phones is going Linux. They will be putting the Palm GUI over a Linux core. I expect this to come out in about a year and be a strong competitor to M$ Pocket PC. This is important so that we do not have M$ controlling the mobile OS and software market in the same way they control the desktop computing market. It will also give this new Palm OS the horsepower needed for more advanced mobile web apps - something the current version lacks.

Here is a related thread that explains things further: What does PalmSource Port to Linux mean?

Targetting Small Screens - The Status Quo of Mobile Browsing

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Douglas Bowman's essay threadlinked above is a wonderful primer on the state of mobile browsing and how we, as web developers might be able to accomadate the small screen whilst the medium is in flux.

By in flux i mean that as Bowman points out, the HandHeld CSS type is not supported on most mobile devices and all manner of solutions and suggestions are cropping up on an almost weekly basis as to how to handle mobile content, even down to top level hosted domains that detect mobile devices for you and handle rendering! It just ain't easy...

It's a technical article for those comfy with CSS but everyone interested in mobile should at least have a skim, it'll be interesting even if you're still designing your sites with tables...

Clearly, this mobile browsing thing isn’t another flash in the pan. It’s here to stay and it’s only getting more popular. We need to account for the millions of mobile devices attempting to hit our sites. And we need to be designing and building our sites to work everywhere. This includes devices for people with disabilities as well as mobile and all other forms of utility browsers we haven’t even seen come to market yet.

We don’t want to go back to 1997, where we had to build different versions of our sites for each new browser that entered the market. True, in some cases, sites may need to be customized for the best mobile experience, and this may mean a completely different architecture, let alone HTML structure. But when we have the chance, we want to optimize the design or presentation of content based on what type of device is used to view that content.

Things needs to change. It requires action from both browser makers and the designers and developers creating the leading-edge sites. Those sites set examples for everyone else. Neither side needs to think whether or not to go first, they just need to go.

Scoble: Even I want an iPod.

Thread Title: Scoble: Even I want an iPod. Thread Url: Thread Description:

You gotta admit Apple has done a good job in starting a market, but they've done that before and lost their lead. Personally, I see too many significantly cheaper/better? alternatives to an ipod coming on the market to think Apple can keep itself from being swept into the just-one-of-many category.

Introducing Mobisodes - Mobile Ads Take Shape & Direction

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Forbes report on Fox's new mobile initiative via Vodafone.

Remember the cool TV series "24"? Of course you do.. Well, they're going to be running a series of mobisodes based on 24 with different actors that will be distributed and streamed initially via Vodafone's new 3G network in January 2005 in the UK. Vodafone customers will just have to sign up to receive them - Free.

This is the type of permission based viral marketing that seems to be fitting well to mobile - you could do this with practically anything by marrying entertainment and information with advertising. Fox get to promo the fourth season of 24, vodafone get to parade their new network, yummy yummy in the consumer tummy eh?

alert via pp

Mobile Directory Search

Thread Title: Wow Wap Thread Url: Thread Description:

New mobile directory search threadlinked above from Wow Directory creator Bruce Stone - no more details on this im afraid, if anyone knows Bruce, get him to stop by please...

thx hotlinks

The Future of Mobile?

Thread Title: The Future of Mobile? Thread Url: Thread Description:

Russell over at the Mobile Weblog is trying to put together a set of predictions for Mobile in 2005.

Anyone want to help him out?

Introducing the WikiCast - Like Podcasting but Wikified...

Thread Title: Introducing .... the WIKICast! Thread Url: Thread Description:

The threadlink above just came in via scoble and details a new twist to podcasting, where people can share audio via RSS and create anything from radio like shows to interviews and more.

Here's the coup on a WikiCast: People phone into a designated number, and their messages are recorded and distributed/posted as part of a podcast - i think...

Anyway, maybe a flash in the pan but Im thinking there could be all kinds of ways for companies to use this...

PlayBoy almost go Podcasting ....

Thread Title: IBod Gets launched - Porn to Ipod Thread Url: Thread Description:

Just seen this over at el Reg that PlayBoy are entering the content to portable device market giving young boys the world over something to play with on their new gadgets they get on Christmas day.

I'm not sure if this is what Santa had in mind for an Ipod but needs must etc....

What I find interesting is that PlayBoy decided not to offer the simpler to use Podcast method of delivering the content but a simple download of a zip file.

If they thought long and hard they could have thrown an affilliate link to Duracell and Kleenex in as well!

Yahoo! & Nextel Team up for Yahoo! Mobile

Thread Title: Yahoo! and Nextel Join Forces to Launch Yahoo! Mobile Internet Across Nextel's Digital Wireless Network Thread Url: Thread Description:

Yahoo! and Nextel have reached an agreement to provide Yahoo Mobile services on Nextel handheld devices.

This will inlude email, messenger, news and games.

Doug Garland, vp of Y! Mobile said:

"Our new relationship with Nextel and the launch of Yahoo! Mobile Internet across their network is further proof of Yahoo!'s appeal to our carrier partners, and we are pleased to continue to develop solutions that drive adoption and usability of mobile data services in the United States."

Sounds like a great move to me, i know were the service available to me, i'd most likely use it. What do you think?

Minimo Interview with Doug Turner - Mozilla for Small Devices

Thread Title: Mozilla aims for mobile browser market Thread Url: Thread Description:

"We can be ported to many platforms that Opera can't," he said. "Mozilla has been developed to work on every flavor of Unix and every type of processor, chip or widget set."

Turner said there are two mobile phone companies that are already using Minimo. He would not reveal the names of the companies that it is working with, but he said there will be at least one announcement in the near future regarding a partnership with a television manufacturer.

Some nice insight from Doug Turner on the future of mobile browsing.

More on Minimo here

Mobile Advertsing - Speculation on what the Future may Hold

Thread Title: Mobile Advertising..The Physical World Hyperlink Thread Url: Thread Description:

Some interesting speculation in the threadlink above as to what the future may hold for advertisers when mobile net traffic eventually exceeds web traffic. It's a little out there, but not so far that it's unrealistic i think.

The basic line goes: Companies will have to create truly amazing services/portals to advertise their brands.

Go have a look, it's interesting stuff...

A Podcasting Primer

Thread Title: 'Podcast' your world Thread Url: Thread Description:

If you browse the serious tech blogs at all, you'll have noticed the word podcasting coming up time and time again. We're ever so slightly behind the curve here at Threadwatch but are catching up rapidy, and with this in mind, i thought it might be time for a little primer.

The article threadlinked above is a great introduction to the tech and technique. You will have to put your marketers hat on to understand why it's important to Threadwatch but im confident you'll see the point :)

We have talked about it a little here in: podvertisng makes it's debut and Heineken are podcasting so do check them out to. In the first, we've got some great basic info from Threadwatchers. Of particular help are the links supplied by Brad, thanks mate!

So, before you go and read, let me give you my brief take on it to hopefully get you on at least passing terms with the notion:

Podcasting is pre-recording media (audio and soon video) and distributing it via RSS or other syndication. It's mostly the domain of amateur radio at present though big corps and media outlets have been dipping their toes, the BBC included. It could very well do for radio and video what blogs are doing for print journalism now. Advertising is already happening, and will almost certainly grow to be big business Just like blogs, any muppet can do it. Which i why im reading up on it and thinking of doing a dailey podcast for TW :)

This snippet from the article:

It's a boon for audiences, too, because podcasting is the audio equivalent of TiVo. Once a listener logs onto an individual podcaster's website and signs up as a subscriber, each new program will automatically download to his digital player. That frees people to listen to shows on their schedule rather than the broadcaster's.

Heineken are Podcasting - Podvertising gets a rollin'

Thread Title: Heineken Launches Podvertising Campaign Thread Url: Thread Description:

First (as far as i know) to jump onto the podvertising podium is Heineken Music with an interview with Thirst Resident DJ Daniele Davoli. (whatever that is..)

From this post at ad rants:

A podcast is a lo-fi MP3 file created on a computer (or with any audio - video will soon follow - recording device for that matter) that can be subscribed to using RSS and easily and automatically transferred to your iPod or any other MP3 device.

If you sell anything aimed at the young, hi-tech concious consumer you should be checking out the podcast: It will be a biggie..

Is Mobile Desktop Search the Next Step?

Thread Title: Coming Soon: Desktop In Your Pocket Thread Url: Thread Description:

VC Kevin Laws is speculating on the next step for desktop search in the threadlink above. His point is this: Wouldn't it be cool, not to mention logical if you were able to use your mobile device to search your home PC?

Imagine: You could search for a file from wherever you are, download it, work with it and return it. When you think about it in terms of business use it has ample room to become the next killer app in Search and mobile...

What do you think? I reckon that would be a killer move for whoever gets there first...

Some Interesting Mobile Stats

Thread Title: Long Live the Mobile Thread Url: Thread Description:

Caught this a moment ago, makes for interesting thought regarding mobile marketing in the future:

There are 1.5Bn mobile subscribers worldwide That's 25% of the world with a mobile Developing countries account for 56% of that. There are 1.18Bn landline subscribers - notice mobile has overtaken that. There are Only 700M net connections Nick is keen on mobile, despite not having one :)

food for thought eh?