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Breadcrumbs Are Back!

Jakob Nielson recently touted breadcrumbs:

Breadcrumbs won't help a site answer users' questions or fix a hopelessly confused information architecture. All that breadcrumbs do is make it easier for users to move around the site, assuming its content and overall structure make sense. That's sufficient contribution for something that takes up only one line in the design.

Another Reason to Cringe Before using WiFi (as we approach conference season)

After reading this article over at Yahoo Technology I began to remember some "experiments" at previous search conferences. Then I began to wonder how soon someone would turn an "experiment" into reality and really start being evil.

Microsoft Marketing Widgets for Mobile Browsing with ZenZui

Not wanting to be left out of this week's mobile marketing initiative announcements from Google and Yahoo that won't matter to anyone except those of us who write "It's the Year of Mobile Marketing" and/or "It's the Year of the Widget"* blog posts, Microsoft announces wireless widgets designed to "deliver personalized marketing messages to cell phones."

Google Launches New Mobile Search Engine, Yahoo Launches Mobile Ad PPC

According to a Seroundtable Google and Yahoo have launched new solutions for mobile users. Google introduced new search engine for mobiles and Yahoo has started a mobile ad Pay-Per-Click campaign.

Screenshot of new Google search engine:

YouTube to go Mobile

This means that we can all watch people falling of donkeys on our cell phone...

Full Story

Pay Per call pays off for locals?

Looks like a couple of "names" are looking to make PPCall work for them.

That's their goal anyway.

Snippet from the blog...

Florida AG Gunning for Affiliate Marketers

The Office of the Attorney General for the State of Florida is knocking on lots of doors in search of shady affiliate marketers. It seems there have been some very questionable marketing efforts for ringtone offers and the perps are in the crosshairs.

Apple iPhone & Mobile Marketing

Apple recently announced the launch of their iPhone. The NYT published an article about using the iPhone:

YouTube to Launch Phone-Based Subscription Service

Selected YouTube content will be made available on Verizon phones for $15/month in a deal to be announced Tuesday [NY Times].

Yahoo Debuts Sponsored Mobile Search Results in US Starting Today

Via Mobile Crunch

Yahoo! has revealed that starting today sponsored results will begin appearing alongside natural search results on mobile phones.

Google: Our Mission to Advertise Wherever You Look For Information

In an effort to get ahead of the rest of the crowd google quietly rolled out Adwords for your Mobile Phone Searches

Nokia to offer Google Talk on Web tablet

Via Cnet comes news that Nokia will unveil a new version of its internet tablet device that runs Google Talk.

Hellio Partners With Yahoo!

EarthLink's mobile subsidiary partnered with Yahoo for search:

Bidding to Build a New Internet

When concerned with net neutrality what is the best thing to do? Maybe build your own network:

Mobile Internet + Local Search = $$$

Martinibuster's definitely on to something with his The Internet: Are we there yet? posting:

Mobile phone and PDA internet connectivity may create a side industry that can grow the local search area. That in itself will spur development of mobile friendly websites.

Origami Device includes Ctrl-Alt-Del in One Button

Under the guise of "Windows Security Button", Samsung has included Microsoft's three favorite keys in one button. Mulliner devises the button is used to bring up the login box, but reset was the first word that came to my mind.

Sprint and InfoSpace Make Mobile Friendly

Sprint and InfoSpace are to offer mobile friendly local business directories which allow consumers to find things by leveraging the position aware capabilities of mobile phones:

Reverse SMS Pal

El Reg are reporting that PayPal will be launching a none too suprising reverse charged SMS billing service within the next fortnight.

500,000 personal computers sold by two vendors *per week*

In reporting on the latest glitch suffered by the Motorola Razr flip phone, TechNewsWorld cites Motorola sales data for the Razr phone: 25 million in use, with T-mobile and Cingular ordering 500,000 new devices *each week*. It was launched 20 months ago. According to C|Net, Gartner predicts a billion cell phones in use by 2009, reaching 40% of the world's population. Just imagine the SEO potential...

Blackberry Forks Over 612.5 Million in Patent Settlement

The high profile patent infringement lawsuit filed by NTP against RIM, the makers of Blackberry, has finally been settled, with RIM handing over $612.5 million. explains the significance: