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Google Lands Wireless Partnership With Ericsson

Google Blogoscoped points to this Sony Ericsson press release which annouces a recent partnership to get blogger and Google web search as default tools on Ericsson cell phones.

dumb query = higher profits for Google

I was in Best Buy looking at LCD monitors and browsing the web on my PDA for better prices when I noticed something I have taken for granted : Google makes more $$ by playing dumb on search queries. It's important because I have always understood that good SEO helps Google deliver relevant pages to searchers. In a sense, as SEO I felt that Google and I were partners. Until I saw froogle on my PDA, that is...

Microsoft Mobile Search

Microsoft is entering the mobile search market. Scoble pointed at a recent acquisition of a mobile search company by the name of MotionBridge.

VeriSign: All Your Passwords Are Belong to Us

VeriSign announced they are creating mobile authentication devices to help fight off online fraud and identity theft while putting themselves closer to consumers.

The WSJ mentioned the news: VeriSign Inc. plans to create a common system that will allow multiple companies to provide secure access to online accounts with pocket-sized security devices, rather than relying on passwords alone.

Google & Skype Invest in Fon

Om Malik reports that both Google and Skype invested in Fon. Sequoia Capital and Index Ventures were also in on the $21.7 million funding.

Fon is 90 day old Spanish start up which aims to turn routers into hot spots to allow members to share WiFi access.

Is That a Webserver in Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

I'm not sure there's any practical reason for doing this other than proving it can be done, but Nokia wants to put a webserver on your cell phone.

eBay UK Mobile

It won't be truly mobile until the bid sniping software works on cell phones, but eBay UK recently launched a mobile phone bidding service.

Apple Goes Mobile?

After creating a huge following in the music market it looks like Apple may want to own the mobile market. They recently filed to trademark "mobile me":

Google Mobile Personalized

Google followed Yahoo!'s lead and now allow users to personalize their mobile home pages.

Google - Evil Blackberries next

Reuters - Blackberry gets Google Talk and Google Local. Google Local now, Google Talk coming soon:

Google Patents Phone Call...WTF?

Kevin Newcomb , of ClickZ, writes about a new Google patent for mobile marketing which automatically calls an advertiser instead of loading a website when an ad is clicked.

Yahoo! Free Hotel WiFi

I always hate paying $10 to $20 a day for internet access at hotels, especially because the authentication systems and connectivity sometimes suck.

That soon may be a thing of the past. The WSJ has an article about Yahoo! and Starwood partnering up to offer free WiFi:

Yahoo! Go Mobile

Friday Yahoo! announced Yahoo! Go Mobile, which makes it easy to access many Yahoo! features like messenger, news and email.

Motorola Partners with Google

Google is the default search service on Motorola:

Motorola Inc., the world's second-largest maker of cell phones, late Thursday said it entered a global mobile search agreement to give its customers easy access to Google Inc.'s popular search engine through its handsets.

Google Wireless Patent

Gary posted that Google was awarded a patent to make data move faster over wireless devices:

IPod for Videos & Books?

Starz offers a new video download service for portable device at A $10 monthly subscription fee allows you to download an unlimited number of films from their catalog (which currently is a bit limited in size).

Opera Mobile Search Powered by Google

Recently there were rumors that both Google and MSN wanted to buy Opera. All have been shrugged off, but recently Opera announced that Google will power the search function in their mobile browser.

Skype adds Thomson Directories to its Toolbar

Although I use Skype, I cannot claim to use the Skype Toolbar . NetImperative reports that Skype (owned now by eBay) "has signed a UK partner deal with Thomson Directories to boost its toolbar with new local search features."

AOL Front Runner in Mobile Search Technology?

AOL has partnered up with InfoGin to create a platform to make it easier to view search results and web content on hand held devices via content analysis.

Rumor: Possible BlackBerry Shutdown Coming Soon?

Research In Motion, makers of the BlackBerry, just had a major setback in court.

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd. on Wednesday was pushed closer to a possible shutdown of its U.S. mobile e-mail service after a judge refused to delay a patent infringement case and rejected a disputed settlement with patent holder NTP Inc.