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Google Talk is Now Live

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As rumoured is a voice enabled IM client. It's live, but try as i might, it will NOT connect to the server...

Yahoo! Shoots Down Safa Rashtchy over VoIP Rumour

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Dean seems dissapointed that Yahoo! have shot down rumours of a big VoIP push in the near future. So am I. Safa, behave yerself, or i'll have to come over there...

Google Aquires more Mobile Talent

Source Title: Google Buys Android for Its Mobile Arsenal Source Url: Story Text:

According to BusinessWeek Google have aquired more mobile talent in the form of Android, a secretive, relatively unknown firm harbouring some top mobile talent.

AOL Pushes Mobile

Source Title: PC World AOL to Launch New Storefront for Mobile Users Source Url: Story Text:

AOL will take the beta label off of today and launch a revamped version of its mobile portal according to this PCWorld report

Phonify your Website for Mobile

Story Text: is a smart app that takes any website and strips out all the unnecessary tags and junk for use with mobile phones. It acts as a proxy for mobile web users, and is free to use, free of ads, and open source

Opera Creates Low End Mobile Browser

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Not big on the mobile web myself, can't stand small screens, but the opera mobile browser is supposed to be as easy as a ringtone to install and is geared for less sophisticated phones.

'Borrowing' your neighbor's WiFi Again?

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CNN Money looks at the growing problem of overlapping WIFI nets and folks getting broadband for free

Skype via Your Land Line

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This lot are selling a black box to convert your normal phone to a Skype phone. Instead of using a special Skype phone. It looks like a good idea (I have no connection to this company), has anyone tried this approach? I bought a cordless Skype phone, and that worked well. This gizmo looks even better at first glance.

Mobile Bloggers Force O2 to Change Messaging

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O2 has backtracked from a change in the way multimedia messages are delivered via e-mail after complaints from mobile bloggers.

10 Reason to Go Mobile

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There's an interesting piece giving 10 reasons why web publishers should go mobile that quite inspired me. I've been meaning to tinker with XHTML Basic, and a subdomain for this site for a while now, now i just may get round to it heh... Also, on the subject of mobile design, here's the first part of a series of promising articles on The State of the Mobile Web. Food for thought for sure.

Mobile Device Database Launches

Source Title: Mobile Research Launches First-of-Its-Kind Mobile Device Data Service Source Url: Story Text:

UPDATE: Alfie informs me that there is indeed an Open Source mobile Device DB available Wonder what the point of MobileResearch is when there's already a free alternative?

Mobile Search Marketing

Source Title: Mobile search and search engine marketing Source Url: Story Text:

Kevin Ryan takes a look at the state of Mobile Search Marketing, walking us through the the more interesting points from a Mobile Search White Paper from oneupweb (reg req'd)

AOL Tests Mobile Search

Source Title: AOL Tests Mobile Search Engine Source Url: Story Text:

AOL comes a little late to the party, but better late than never, with news of a public beta of mobile Search. Presumably this will all tie in with mobile services announced earlier in the year.

Motorola & Yahoo! Team up for Content

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The more you read, the more it's about mobile. And the more we see Search companies making pacts and plays to get in on the action. Yahoo! & Motorola have just teamed up to provide Y! content to Motorola devices, including their iRadio project to be launched later this year.

BitTorrent on your Mobile

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If you're running Windows Mobile, you can now get a bitTorrent program for it coutesy of Adisasta and $20 after the trial period.

Yahoo! Expands Mobile Search to SMS & WAP

Source Title: Yahoo! Launches SMS Search and Expands Reach of Web Search Across Additional Mobile Devices Source Url: Story Text:

Yahoo have launched an SMS Search service that allows US mobile users to text 92466 followed by a shortcode for weather, stock quotes and local search information.

Casino's Introduce Mobile Hardware in Vegas

Source Title: Even Poolside, Casinos Entice by Hand-Held Source Url: Story Text:

Here's an odd one, they've introduced mobile hardware in vegas that let's punters waste money even when not at the casino - astonishing...

Opera on Windows Mobile

Source Title: Opera Branches Out to Mobile Windows Source Url: Story Text:

Now this is what Opera need to concentrate on in my opinion. Betanews says that Opera will be available soon on Windows Mobile

BT's BluePhone is Finally Here

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We've talked about BluePhone once or twice in the past, now both BBC and Register are reporting that the UK telecom giant will finally roll out BT Fusion aka BluePhone....

ShotCodes - Real Life Hyperlinks for Mobile

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Dennis Hettema of OP3 that we talked about last year, a mobile tech company based in Netherlands, has launched The site promotes a free (for non-commercials) technology to create real world barcode-like hyperlinks that can be used by cameraphones to link consumers to web locations...