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IPdrum brings Skype to Mobiles

Source Title: IPdrum will bring Skype to Mobile Phone users worldwide Source Url: Story Text:

A Norweigen firm, IPdrum, are saying they'll bring Skype to Mobile phones by August this year...

Yahoo! Buys Dial Pad, Not Skype

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After rumours that Yahoo! may buy Skype last week, it comes as little surprise to learn that they do indeed have their credit cards out for VoIP, but not Skype, Dial Pad. Om has all the details and has apparently had the deal confirmed though figures were not disclosed...

Nokia & Apple to do Open Source Mobile Browser

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Nokia are to work with Apple on a new Open Source mobile browser for their series 60 smartphone's...

Broadband via Electricity Wires

Source Title: Electric cables used for hotel broadband Source Url: Story Text:

Both the Register and the BBC have articles on your household electricity supply being a source of data movement round your own building. I remember this coming up a few years back and it never seemed to get anywhere, if I remember correctly local lamp posts were acting as relay stations for your data.

Nokia, Intel join forces for WiMAX Push...

Source Title: Nokia, Intel to Cooperate on Connections Source Url: Story Text:

Nokia team up with Intel to push WiMAX services/tech...

Keyword Ads go Mobile

Source Title: Ads Coming to Mobile Search Source Url: Story Text:

Mobile Commerce, who clearly have a domain/url problem have apparently inked a deal with Yahoo! to put keywords ads on Mobile Search...

Audio: The Skinny on Google's Dodgeball Aquisition

Source Title: Phone as Platform: Lessons from ITP Source Url: Story Text:

If you've been wondering about Google's aquisition of, a hyperlocal mobile social network service, then this audio from Clay Shirky will explain a great deal...

W3C Launch Mobile Web Initiative

Source Title: NewsFactor W3C Launches Mobile Web Initiative Source Url: Story Text:

It's a bit bloody late, but better late than never. The W3C have launched the Mobile Web Initiative in a bid to get members of the mobile community (hardware and software) to play nice before it all goes dreadfully pear shaped...

Skype for Smartphones

Source Title: Skype Beta Released for Smartphones Source Url: Story Text:

Beta News reports on the release of Skype beta for smartphones. Unfortunately it's only for Windows based phones right now but VoIP for your phone get's just a little bit closer to a reality...

Nokia to compete with iPod?

Source Title: Nokia unveil potential ipod beater... Source Url: Story Text:

Nokia has announced a new line of pricey mobile phones including a high-end camera phone with Carl Zeiss optics and a handset with enough storage for music to potentially compete with the iPod.

Nokia takes on iPod

Source Title: Nokia offers new range of phones Source Url: Story Text:

A BBC report on latest Nokia phones that Nokia has unveiled a music-enabled mobile that it hopes will put it head to head with Apple's iPod. And in the doing, reposition the Nokia brand away from its current position of being the Tesco of the mobile world.

Mobile Search, it's not all Google ya know...

Source Title: A Roundup of Local Mobile Search Tools Source Url: Story Text:

Gary Price posts an excellent roundup of mobile search tools, pointing out that it's not all about Google in this sector...

Google Local on your Mobile

Source Title: Google unveils mobile local search Source Url: Story Text:

Trailing behind Yahoo! Mobile, Google finally roll out Local via mobile. Not exactly earth shattering news, but if you're in the US and looking for restaurants or whatever, you can...

BT to roll out Bluephone - One phone to rule them all..

Source Title: BT to Launch Converged Bluetooth and GSM Mobile Phone Source Url: Story Text:

According to ZDNet, BT, Britains largest fixed line carrier and general uber-telecom company, will finally roll out the fabled Bluephone and marry Bluetooth, GSM and fixed line telecoms in one fell swoop...

7 Tips for Making Content Mobile

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Back in December we discussed Douglas Bowman's excellent essay, targeting smaller screens that looks at ways of making websites mobile friendly. If you missed it, read it, and while we're on the subject, check out CollyLogic's 7 steps to better handheld browsing. It's a cracking read....

UK Kids get first Mobile at 8yrs on Average

Source Title: UK kids get first mobile at 8 yrs old on average - report Source Url: Story Text:

DMEurope report on findings from the Wireless World Forum that says that on average, UK kids get their first mobile phone at 8yrs old - amazing...

Finding Answers on your Mobile

Source Title: Goes Mobile Source Url: Story Text:

More mobile search? Sure, why not. Now you can get on your mobile at

InfoSpace to Join the Mobile Search Race

Source Title: InfoSpace Joins Mobile Search Race Source Url: Story Text:

Mobile Search is red hot right now, with 4info recently landing $8M in funding for it's mobile offering, Yahoo and Google both recently rolling out mobile search and a host of others now in the space, the heat is on.

Yahoo! Working on Mobile Advertsing Platform

Source Title: Yahoo's Working on Mobile Advertising Platform Source Url: Story Text:

Rafat notes this job post from Yahoo! looking for a Director of Intl product Development.

The International Product Director will assume responsibility for the leadership and product development for paid search and other forms of advertising on mobile devices: Market identification and analysis, competitive research, vendor selection, platform/product definition, testing, development planning and product launch across global markets...

Hyperlinked Graffiti Anyone?

Source Title: It's Not Graffiti, It's Grafedia Source Url:,1284,66992,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_1 Story Text:

Wireed carry a story about how a company called Grafedia are taking the concept of the physical hyperlink and turning it into a service, rather than a standard.