Large Scale Sites Taking a Hit in Google?


Ok, so im hearing rumours, and seeing some evidence that large scale sites are taking a hit in Google - in terms of the amount of pages indexed.

This may be to do with Google's big filter mystery and the rumour that G are playing around with their "results crowding" algorythms but i really dont know.

Im hearing that sites in the region of 5-50K or so are seeing a dramatic loss of pages in the index.

Thoughts Threadwatch'ers?


general traffic flow

Traffic this week is about the same, slow start earlier on in the week due to getting over the Christmas and new year break but everything is now getting back to normal

Not referring to site: but instead to traffic

I believe Nick is not referring to how many pages Google says they have using the site: command, but instead that the traffic level is dropping for some large sites. Can Mikkel, Edit_G, Adam and the others who said they saw no problems with the indexing of pages also comment on the general traffic flow for those sites.

Personally I do not think this is hitting all large sites. Rather large sites are more likely to be impacted by Google possibly making some type of tweak to their clustering/result crowding filter.

ps Mikkel, best is always nice, but I prefer being first and not having any competition :)


No offense intended, but....

Quote: because the chose the "first and best SEO strategy they could find" ... well, maybe it wasn't the best, but the first at least :)

... is bollocks

Florida and the Google Glitch of a few months ago should have proved that. Google often make mistakes when they are fine tuning, and you know that as well as anyone. In addition, there could be many reasons why certain sectors get hit more than others.

I lost a massive amount of pages in the SERPS in the last glitch - I waited a few weeks and they all came back without me doing anything. The sites affected were bottom feeding whitehat stuff.

It may not be what has happened here, but my bet is that within a few weeks things will even out again.

You shouldn't jump to conclusions so easily you know ;)

same number of pages indexed, but....

I have a range of sites - some aroud the 2k to 10K size and some in the 20k-50K range.

There is no reduction in the number of pages indexed, but there is a SERP/Taffic hit on the large sites and a SERP/Traffic boost on the smaller ones.

The SERP boost on the smaller sites seems largely because some of the other large sites in that field have seen the same SERP hit as my larger sites.

It could be industry specific, possibly because many of the larger sites were relying on a high number of deep links from DMOZ. Certainly their deep linked pages seem to have dropped from their top ten slots.

It could also be fallout from Google's 'results crowding'.

Its certainly not hitting all large sites, but it is noticeable in my sector - and it is hitting sites that are whiter than white.

There are, of course, a load of other possible reasons - I simply can't be bothered to analyse - it always benefits me more to throw more energy into the sites that have benefited than those have been hit. That and bung another 50k page site up there, of course.

Path of least resistance man, me

Nick - 350,000 more pages

just enter into the million page club again lol... the large sites that I deal with have taken massive page increases just recently..


No conclusions

THere are no conclusions being drawn Mikkel - i simply wanted to know if anyone else had seen the same things some friends had..

Penalized, byt why?

I have no doubt that some sites have been droping or lost indexing - that happens all the time and has done so ever since I entered the search industry in 96/97. But to draw a clear conclusion on why is not always possible and to do it based on a few sites is just plain wrong.

The main reason I see these kinds of drops, when they happen to a site, is because the chose the "first and best SEO strategy they could find" ... well, maybe it wasn't the best, but the first at least :)


The guys that were confirming hits to their sites are actually very trustworthy sources - i have absolutely no doubt that their sites have suffered hits but now im thinking that maybe there is something about those sites other than being "large scale" that correlates them and has triggered the hit.

Thanks for the comments guys, it's good to know that this seems only a very small thing in general terms...

Don't listen to rumour's

Where are you seeing some evidence that large scale sites are taking a hit in Google because there is no difference in the pages indexed on the sites I maintain or keep a watchful eye on, and also no change with the large empty pages directories everyone has been talking about recently.

Same old inconsistencies

I'm seeing no drop in pages indexed acording to the site: command.

That said, I'm seeing for one site with around 200k pages more pages returned for than, which of course makes no sense.

Site size OK - serps dropped

I am seeing a consistent amount of pages indexed by google although we have been hit by a mysterious penalty since Dec 25th dropping our rankings by 10/20 places

Have to agree with Mikkel

I've just seen a jump, rather than a loss, of number of pages indexed. This is for sites in the 50-250k pages range.

Rubbish :)

It is definately not a trend. Some might experience this but on several large sites I work on I am not seing this at all. In fact, on one of them I just got an additional 400,000 pages indexed!

I don't have any indexing problems with any other size of sites either.