MarketingSherpa Accepting Nominations for SEM Buyers Guide

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MarketingSherpa Puts Call Out For SEM Firms To Be Reviewed
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Danny at SEW posts that MarketingSherpa are now accepting nominations for their SEM Buyers Guide and that you have till the end of the month to, in true SEM style, nominate yourself! heh...

Is that thing worth it?


Is it worth it?


In early editions of the guide there was a "ranking" of a company but as many of the companies objected to the subjective nature of their "rank" the latest incarnations of the guide have been more information around the subject of SEM with profiles of the companies in questions.

I think the SEM arena has moved beyond the need to have this sort of directory but it served a great purpose when there was little or no track records in existence.

The days of selecting an agency based on what they said they could do have now been replaced with client recomendations and confirmation that company X knows what they are doing.

Although we were in the guide last time round I am not convinced we will take the time to go for it this time round.

Thanks WD

Now that you mention the ranking system i do vaguely recall reading some stuff about that at wmw (i think..)

A track record is a great thing, but a personal recommendation is greater i think :)

Well it's free to be in

so it's certainly worth it!

I've gotten some business from it in past years, some pretty decent clients if I remember correctly.

Last round, I helped them edit it for overall accuracy of information. Not sure what they're doing this time, or who might be helping them. Their press release was the first I heard of it.

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