SEO's and Users Unite Against Microsoft?

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Boycott against the new Microsoft Search Technology
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Quite predictably some web users and even some SEO's are starting to gang together against the new MS search technologies. It basically boils down to this: MS own too much, we dont want them to own anymore. member rritoch points to rather silly page on a rather silly site. (wont link to it, go see for yourself ;-)

As long as my sites rank, i couldn't care less...


What a load of crap

eduardomaio has the right approach: "Let's all boycott the Internet!"

Dumbest idea I have ever read. Almost.


Absolute bobbins. I welcome a new engine to play around with.

I welcomed them all right...

... but they're offline now. We'll have to wait for a new preview or even the final version (November? - hearsay), and see if it needs boycotting then {hehe}

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