MSN (Live.Com) shows Ms. Dewey

25 comments is an ad site for MSN (Live.Com). Personally I found her to be quite comical and it's a pretty nifty ad site.



The website gets half way in loading and craps out for me everytime in FF and IE. Dewey must not like me.

Slow but cute

It's definitely slow but Ms. Dewey looks a lot better than Jeeves ever did!

Ms Dewey

I think it's safe to say that 'Ms. Dewey' is rather attractive.

What they got wrong

What they got wrong is not leaving "easter eggs" in place. for example if I typed in a funny search I might want to send it to my friends or put it on my blog. Instead I get one from from a selection of results. I tried the mail a friend thing but didn't work ...


LOL search for 'google'... "Underware on your head and still can't create a girl...."


Craps out for me in FF & IE6

Craps out for me in FF & IE6 W2K. Tsk, she is a cutie.


Quite enjoy the view when she knocks on the screen

Wow, type in “Bush”

She says
"Remember it’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid then to open it and remove all doubt."

"Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time."

I keep trying to get her to

I keep trying to get her to do things, it doesn't work, reminds me of

She is so dirty

Do x-rated search and just keep doing them and watch all the responses...

>> She is so dirty

>> She is so dirty

Ask her what she's reading.

Just found it annoying -

Just found it annoying - self-indulgent American humour thing that doesn't travel well. Should have got John Cleese or Billy Connolly on instead. :)

Ask her Hold old she is

Ask Her 'how old are you'


take off your clothes

"take off your clothes" gives you about 6 variations

"call the police" is also kind of funny

as well as "what is the meaning of life"

She's a Cuttlet


"viagra" and "buy viagra"

"bmw" and "ferrari" were pretty funny, too

Doug Heil, Matt Cutts

plus "Bill Gates", "white hat seo", "internet" and "industrial-strength cloaking" give some rather unexpected funny results, too. :)

Best chat bot (of sorts) around, I'd say.

any ideas why this site

any ideas why this site doesnt load for me in IE or FF?


Funny, until the results come up - in a hard to read box that scrolls way to fast... so, apart from the results side of it, pretty good :/


What results?

Funniest one I found

Tried some adult searches as JeremyL pointed out. If you type the term "gang bang" she says "Safety first" then proceeds to pull out a helmet and then drops about 20 condoms.

That's pretty bad but funny as hell.

gang bang

Holy crap the third time on [gang bang] where she goes off is freakin' hillarious

What results?

The search results that appear (at least in my browser) on the right hand side...

Boy, they put a lot of work

Boy, they put a lot of work into that.

Thats awesome

Now thats what I call a website.

she's a cool avatar...

I just noticed this thread -- I blogged about her a few days before this was posted here at threadwatch, and I included a list of a few funny searches to try, and also pointed out a cheapie way to build a similar avatar using a service called SitePal.

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