Housing LinkBait 101?


This Post Has Been Edited by JasonD

We get a lot of spam here at TW, but some of it is a little classier than the rest.

This is not one of the classy ones, and wsa posted anon but it has a certain *something* about it, So I decided to authorise it.

Although the original post (found below and unedited) reads like a badly done corporate press release I do think that there is mileage in this kind of idea as linkbait if done differently, so I thought.....

"if we, as experienced marketers, were to do the same thing, how would we turn it viral, gather the press interest (on a day that interest rates were raised in the UK to their highest point in 5 years, with news that 300 people a day make themselves insolvent ) and generally make it work the way the original poster probably wanted it to?"

I welcome your thought and let's have a great discussion on this one!
Original Post follows:


A UK eBay seller is offering a house in 100 peices!

The UK eBay internet auction website is currently offering for sale the first ten, of a total one hundred shares, in house on the south coast of England. The unique sale will mean that one hundred people or companies each own a one percent share in the property. The seller, gileswendes, is a 22 year old IT Technician with an excellent reputation on the website. Currently only the first 10% available with other auctions or online sales shortly between eBay and also offered at www.partshare.co.uk.

The auction is described as "very real and serves as a way for my partner and I to move into the 'average' home of our dreams!" Free advertising will be available to buyers in three ways: On future eBay auctions, the sellers website www.partshare.co.uk and billboard or display very close to or actually at the purchased property.

The seller will be responsible for all improvements to the property.

In the auction gileswendes writes, "I currently work very hard to pay a mortgage on a flat in a very socially deprived area, struggling against ever inflated prices simply longing to live in an average house that seems to be placed permenantly out of reach."

The idea is believed to be the first of it's kind.

Potential buyers are encouraged to contact the seller before purchase. Due to potential media curiosity perhaps relating to the recent house price increases and the public interest of this story advertising for buyers is likely to have a value greater than the cost of the share.