Eurotrash - logistics getting to Charleston SC?


How are air connections, fares, etc. out of Europe with Charleston SC the destination in April? I need some feedback.


Don't know of any Direct from London

I move between Europe (Scotland or Germany) and the US about 6 times a year. I don't know of any direct flights from London to SC - I checked on Expedia UK and US and there was always one connection.

It depends on where you want to come from in Europe. There are always direct flights from any european capital to NY, DC, LA and some others. I think you would probably have to change planes in Philly, Boston, DC or NY to get to Charleston.

In from europe if you live in a city which is not a capital but has an airport, you normally have to fly to the capital. There are some exceptions (Edinburgh & Glasgow have 1 daily flight to NY - Dusseldorf has a direct flight to NY and I am sure there are more).

Intercontinental flight prices depend a lot on School holidays. If there is a school holiday in either the departure or arrival country the price goes up.

Presently I notice on TV in NY British Airways is offering flights from NY to London for $125 each way plus taxes which at the moment is around $100.

Staying longer than 30 days also adds to a fare. Check out STA Travel. They do mostly student fares but also do old buggers like me. The fares for grumpy old men are normally a little more than students but you can normally get a ticket which you can change the return flight for a reasonable sum.

My tuppence worth.

I can see direct flights in t

I can see direct flights in the region of £300 from London airports.

Who you callin' trash?!

Hehe, your best bet would probably be to fly outta London fer sure.

However, flying out from Copenhagen Denmark as I am, you would need at LEAST one lay over in Europe and probably one in the US as well.

Fares aren't too bad these days - around $800 r/t.

An example: CPH -> Washington Dulles -> Charleston

Pretty reasonable from Germany

Looks around 500 Euros return from Munich changing in Atlanta or Washington.

Which Charleston?

I'm not seeing any direct flights from London, NFFC. Are you sure you're looking at flights to Charleston SC and not Charleston WV?

Simplest way is to see who flys there..

so get the destination airport and work back from there

No problem for the Brits

Direct flights from London are no problem, prices seem pretty good too.

Not from Europe...

My flight was from Boston, but I had to transfer in North Carolina and get to Charleston on a tiny jet -- about a 12 seater. Charleston is not a very big city, so I wouldn't expect you'll be able to find any direct flights from Europe.