Do Girls Really Like Pink? - X2 Pink Laptop

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X2 - Ladies love pink laptops (with matching bags!)
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Other than my sister i cant say that i know any girls that like pink, but then maybe i just dont know the right girls eh? - Check out the X2 pink laptop at the engadget post threadlinked above...



The idea of actually putting a laptop in a bag that doesn't look like a laptop bag is good. Especially in South London.

It's No Volvo

If the only things about it that make it "for women" is the colors and the bag, they've missed the boat. Look what Volvo did.

Wow qwerty!

That's beautiful! I've not seen that before, i dont drive and have little interest in cars, certainly Volvos... but thats SEXY...


LOL @ andy's soouth london comment, too true!

As for the pink thing..well, Amber lovers pink as does her mum...Ambers ten (going on 22) and has a pink tv, pink hifi, pink mobile, pink cushions, pink curtains, pink....

Encouraged by her mother of course, who also loves pink.

Yes, IMO the ladies love pink.


Both my sister and my mum are girls - clearly. But i mean stereotypical, almost comically girl-ish - it's all about shoes, makeup, and in my sisters case: pink.

My sisters daughter is 2 and she is soooo headed that way with her mum and nanny both pushing her along quite merrily :-)


OMG, at 10! Do i have that to look forward to rob? I guess i do huh? heh..

sheik designs? lol

well I'll pass on the laptop (I can't afford a laptop in the latest spring colours each year and it'd be terribly embarresing to be seen with it next season) but the bag's not too bad.

Although in South London I'd rather trust to my battered old rucksack with laptop partition I think. A handbag with a Stylebook tag hanging off it would sort of say "mug me I'm a girlie" to some people.

I wouldn't be caught dead

with a pink anything!

But I ain't no girlie girl! I don't think either of my daughters (17 and 16) would be interested in it either.

Pink - my girls love it ;)

I go shopping with girls at least once a month and most of them really like pink. In summer I had to order 8 pairs of pink speedcats from the UK because the girls over here liked them so much that they were sold for 150% of the uk price on :)

>10 OMG Well yes, agreed i

>10 OMG

Well yes, agreed it is a tad young, shes 10 going on 25! The ex and I had a debate about it, I lost! That said, we do restrict her use of it..all those microwaves and stuff :( Its bizarre, they grow up way to quickly. Perhaps your little one will be texting before you know it..

Sorry Jill

This Christmas I was reliably informed by my female gift recipients that pink is "the" color for this winter... (mind you, we are talking rc's Eurotrash here).


Not judging rob :)

But i do see kids when i go back home that look sooo young, proably 10/11/12 and it just shocks me a bit i guess.. i dont think things have quite gone that far yet in Denmark but then where i live im more likely to see a goat with a mobile than an adult hehe...

if pink the "new" black

then I'm sticking with the real black! (no pink here either :)) and while I'm at it can I have a real volvo too..

I hate pink!!!!!

I hate pink!!!!!

A car for girls

where you can't open the bonnet and with more space for shopping bags must be making Mrs Pankhurst turn in her grave. I have to hope they were having a giggle.

The new Mercedes SLK55 has pink seats. I'll go for that much girliness in a car :)

>Mercedes SLK55 Me too :)

>Mercedes SLK55

Me too :) The girlies would like it too.

> Goats, Phones and Judgements

Yep hear that Nick :) Didn't take it that way either...tis a bit of a worry though.

Good for you and the Danes and the goats of course ;) Although, I do wonder how the hell we ever managed without the things!

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