YPN Exec Overhaul

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Bill Demas the Senior Vice President in charge of YPN is leaving Yahoo at the end of November. Will Johnson, VP and General Manager of the YPN beta is leaving as well.




I finally submitted a story somewhere that it got published. Not much to discuss though. I think that the fact that there is a vacuum at the top of the food chain will hinder any new developments with YPN for a while. I imagine there is a bit of a slow-down internally that would prevent anything major from being pushed out until there is stability at the top of the food chain.

Still, you would think that this revenue channel is important enough to Yahoo that they would not let two top execs go within a span of 30 days. I would imagine that YPN has already started to account for a significant portion of their bottom line, and if it's one thing that stockholders don't like, it's executive level overturn. Unless there's a scandal, of course.

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