Friday Fun: Yahoo! 2004 Picks

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Yahoo! Picks of the Year
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This is great :) Check out the threadlink above for the full listing of Yahoo! web picks of 2004 found on the Y! blog and then check out my personal favorite David Hasselhoff Online! ahh... Knight Rider...

David screenshotHasselhoff recently experienced a new low when he was picked up by the LAPD for suspicion of drunk driving. Everyone makes mistakes, and the Hass is simply a human being who made an unfortunate decision. He needs your support now more than ever, and David Hasselhoff Online is a site that's ready, willing, and able to give you the tools to be there for everyone's favorite bare-chested life-guard. Start with a look at the covers from the criminally under-appreciated Knight Rider series of books.

Everyones favorite knob end...

Lots to see and do, if you're just in from the pub you're gonna like this a LOT..


he looks especially sexy

in the white t-shirt picture they use in the guestbook.

And Jessica from Massachusettes wins the surreal comment comp.

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