.gov Site Auction on eBay - Hacker is playing ISP?


David Naylor mentioned an eBay auction for a .gov site: "SEO Parasitic Hosting - .gov domain!". Some notable quotes:

"No guarantees as to longevity of hosting contract with server owner"

"This is also (rarely) NOT an orphaned site as there will be links from within the site going to this particular mini site"

"Upload of files will happen by transferring to me. I will then upload the files. Space is not unlimited but common sense can and should be used. Let's say that 10MB is the limit. I am afraid that there are no server side languages available."

"If USA there will be no tax. If AT, and an Austrian VAT number is given to me to place the invoice in, there will be no VAT added. If AT and no VAT given, there will be VAT added. Escrow, make a choice :) What content you put there is your choice, but it is a one time upload only I am afraid"

This just smacks of illegality to me. Either that server was hacked, or else an unethical civil servant is making some bucks off of offering hosting services for a brief period of time.

I think eBay should investigate this as likely a stolen property sale, and the FBI should investigate the possibility of a compromised government server.



This is almost certainly a subdomain by a hacker.

I know I reported it. :) Of

I know I reported it. :) Of course, I went through the front door, so who knows if the report will go anywhere.

Hmm. I should cultivate more contacts at eBay.

Hey Matt

Of course, I went through the front door, so who knows if the report will go anywhere.

Now you know how many of TW readers feel .. joke ;)


Results like the Donald Trump Site

It sounds to me that it will have results like the donald trump site when that box was hacked.


Just viewed the ebay listing & it was at 666 views on the counter. The Irony :P

Why the FBI?

>>Taxes,at 17.5% may apply depending on winning bidders geographic location

Obviously a UK seller/site

.Gov Registrar

A State-side university has alerted us to this Ebay auction. We are looking into the matter.

Thank you.


.gov Registrar

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