5 Ways to Use Gmail to Build PR


Ant Onaf the author of WMFieds.com Blog discuss an very logical and sensible concept about using Gmail to build page rank. He goes into details about how Google uses Gmail "SPAM" folder and inbox to flag sites as good/bad. He goes further into his theory within his post at DP forums. Its a brillant way of thinking and could possibly be a new direction for SEO.

If Google is onboard with this theory then I would have to say using a Gmail account is highly recommended as it would combat SPAM in new ways and possibly deter (some) spammers from unleashing SPAM. Moreso, it would open new avenues and doors for the SEO community and provide a new way to build page rank.



Amazing how a place like Threadwath can post this kind of junk. The whole "theory" is absurd.

Hey, maybe I should send 100,000 emails to gmail addresses saying something like "I am the king of Wizopia, visit www.amazon.com, it rules!", everyone will send it to their spam folder... and voila! Amazon will get kicked out of the SERPs

In the realm of possibility

What's impossible to believe about Google having the potential to gather data on SPAM? And on Google noting what links get moved to the SPAM folder and what links don't?

I'm not saying G uses it to decide SERPs. I'm simply remembering that when they have the ability to collect/store data they tend to do it.

However, some assumptions the article makes are to be taken as linkbait talk ;)

This is no different then

This is no different then linking to the high PR SERP that shows links to you. Gmail applications hold pagerank but I really think that Google engineers are smarter than that.

1. A query for site:mail.google.com/mail/ doesn't show any personal email messages
2. The email is behind an AJAX navigation
3. It's behind cookies so even if you did link to your email you would get redirected (even gbot) to the login screen.

I'm almost tempted to say STFU and think before you post this nonsense...

I know how to use Gmail to build PR...

Create a site.
Add an Article about How Gmail can be used to Build PR.
Post a link to it on Digital Point.


I stopped reading after "1

I stopped reading after "1 link sent to each gmail account equals 1 link on 1 page" which is just not true at all.


almost made me spit out my coffee...

(off to send out gmail link spam)

rip van winkle

Thats what I thought I had become, I looked at the calender and realised it was November 2006 and not April 1st 2007 as I had originally thought when I read the orginal thread

That said maybe I should switch on the TV or buy a paper just to confirm

Clearly, the point of the thread was missed

OK, I happened to see that article as a new post on Reddit, and it seemed so out there that I thought the people on DP might get a kick out of it. I had hoped that noone would take it seriously.

A few days ago I actually mentioned that this may just be some clever link bait. I guess it may have worked.

Doesn't anybody notice how

Doesn't anybody notice how dubmbly it's all worded even?

Moreso, it would open new avenues and doors for the SEO community and provide a new way to build page rank.

Reads like a bad press release... besides, does anybody take into consideration that when you get an email in Gmail you are actualy LOGGED in so the page is not supposed to get indexed?

>>I have been researching

>>I have been researching this theory for about a year now, it is my conclusion that Google is adding value to links within Gmail.

I can quite believe that G use Gmail user data as a signal of quality, probably as a check on sites gaining massive link love very quickly, but has anyone ever seen a Gmail message turn up as a backlink in ANY SE? Ever?

"I can quite believe that G

"I can quite believe that G use Gmail user data as a signal of quality"

Yep - they're using it to track down the Nigerian scammers who now plague Gmail, as well as Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail, and passing on the details to the NSA. ;)

Could there be a connection

Could there be a connection between the cats?

Joke / Link / Flame bait

Wasting a year testing this theory? Utterly ludicrous!

Just for one week..

...I would love to see a concerted effort by elder Threadwatchers to affirm some of the dumbass shit that's being floated as "new SEO theories". I'd love to see Aaron, Dave, and Shoe all blog about how this works and they ranked ringtone and Viagra sites with nothing more. I'd love to see them talk about how they killed all the parasitic domain spam by emailing the hell out of each other with Gmail marked SPAM.

It's like going to your favorite restaurant that you have had to wait 45 minutes for a seat for lately and telling everyone in line that the new Arby's around the corner is the place to be seen now. Ahhh, you get your restaurant back and no waiting in line. That's how SEO could be if the morons left the pool..err, SERPs.

out there

I love these types of threads.... no-one believes it and meanwhile I get to use the methodology and race up the SERPs...

Okay early April Fool's!!!!

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