Yahoo's Executives are jumping ship at an incredible rate


It appears that Everyone's leaving Yahoo

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Between Google and Live (Microsoft) what does Yahoo have to leverage is the question many are asking.


> what does Yahoo have to leverage?

well, the #1 destination site on the internet might count for something, and the firehose of traffic that goes along with it.

as for everyone quick to point to Yahoo's execs leaving, i'm going to withhold judgement for the meantime. the common refrain seems to be that these execs are going to start-ups.

i remember the last time people here in silicon valley were making lots of noise about people leaving big, established companies to start-ups - in 1999 and early 2000. and what happened to those start-ups? and what happened to Yahoo?

Yahoo may not have a whole lot of sexy going for them these days, but i respect their ability to weather storms.

Outside of the YPN group,

Outside of the YPN group, Yahoo seems relatively stable at this point. I would imagine that at least one of those two are leaving because of the failure of YPN to land some big accounts that were up for grabs.

Yahoo does seem to be a fairly top heavy company too. They must have at least 50 VPs, if not 100.

Yahoo seems to be doing a better job of pandering to the tech crowd though, and while it hasn't shown great results just yet, it eventually will. Google seems to be getting away from the base that built them up and focusing on revenue generation - which isn't such a bad thing, but it does leave them vulnerable.

Let's not overlook the

Let's not overlook the obvious in search of a conspiracy theory. Yahoo! is a company composed of individuals (as noted, over 50 of them at the VP level). If Yahoo! is sluggish, it's at least partly because the people at Yahoo! are not "passionate".

These guys are leaving voluntarily. That means they didn't want to be there. So this is bad?

That means they didn't want to be there

Would you leave a company that you felt had massive growth potential and you felt you would grow with it?

Let's define "massive" in

Let's define "massive" in relative terms, so as not to sound too silly.

Yahoo! growth as massive as Youtube? Nope. Yahoo VP getting as much performance reward as a she would as exec vp of of web 2 startup that got bought by Yahoo? Nope.

Yahoo's not a startup. People left Apple for startups in 1999. Big deal.

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