Google to eclipse Yahoo! in traffic by year-end 2007?


A research note by CitiGroup analyst suggests that Google will become the highest-trafficked site on the planet a year from now. Mark Mahaney based his advice to the investors on September 2006 data from ComScore showing Yahoo! receiving 129,724,000 million unique visitors over that month and Google ranking 4th with 107,365,000 unique visitors. So "Mahaney notes its unique visitors are up 22% from last year, by far the biggest gainer among the Web sites. Using the present growth rates of the top 20 Web properties as a guide, Mahaney says Google will become the top Internet destination in late 2007." For the record, on the European continent Google sites are already ranked at #1, ahead of Microsoft/MSN, Yahoo! and eBay.


Not if Vista kicks in and

Not if Vista kicks in and helps level out the SE field somewhat. Seems the analyst presumes much in Google's growth.

But not #1 in page views :)

But not #1 in page views :) Which would not make it #1 in traffic.

Yahoo gets visitors. Google

Yahoo gets visitors. Google gets users. Still not too bad for a site with very little content of their own. ;)

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