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Hi Nick et al,
I know what big fans your readers are of SEMPO (haha) so I thought I'd let you know that we've opened up our annual survey for new data collection: . Here's the ClickZ article Kevin wrote:

On a side note, it's interesting that many of your readers seem to have an idea that SEMPO is all about the advertising side of things. They appear not to have read our last research report which showed that SEO was the top tactic that marketers were including in their strategies, and that marketers considered SEO to have an extremely high value. And your readers must have missed the many free webinars we produced to support our members who provide SEO services. And the content tracks that we did for ad:tech across 10 cities this year.

One of the compelling reasons for everyone (in all aspects of search marketing, service side and client side) to take the survey is that we work very hard to represent the entire industry and the data points that are most important to our members, the press and to the companies who are innovating in the space.

We accurately predicted the migration of skills and resources to inhouse, and said that there would be an increase in training programs and other services/products to support that migration. And lo! There have been a number of new programs/books introduced this year to teach people how to do their own SEO and PPC.

Anyway, I do hope that you'll encourage your readers to participate. We think it's important to have all voices in the conversation so they can be accurately represented.

Dana Todd
President, SEMPO



Smug, patronising and utterly out of date. Ticks my boxes.


Hmmm ...

the whole Nick bit makes one

the whole Nick bit makes one think SEMPO is not too tuned into the marketplace.

You would think. I don't

You would think. I don't know where whoever posted that got the idea that TW members "have an idea that SEMPO is all about the advertising side of things" either.

On another note, there's an interesting SEW forums thread by Marcia:
The SEMPO Website and its Page Rank Distribution


the whole Nick bit makes one think SEMPO is not too tuned into the marketplace.

I was thinking the same. Feel a little embarrassed for Dana (who I like a lot!).

also quite embarassing to

also quite embarassing to post that and then not respond to the the message (and research) a spammy self promotional feel


We await your reply.

I think NickW's thoughts should set the tone here!

You could always write back

You could always write back to Barbara Coll.... who was President of SEMPO when Nick ran Threadwatch....

I had to read the first post twice...

Anyone sure Dana from SEMPO posted this? Whoever posted it did so in "Anonymous Scaredy Cat" mode and that makes me think all is not what it seems.


Yep, good point, Lotso.

It would be sad if the

It would be sad if the original post was not by Dana Todd. Not fair, then.



My apologies

Right you are that I'm out of touch with the crew here...

I did post that, and I did make a mistake - I had not realized that Nick isn't involved anymore. To be honest, I don't have time to keep up with all the various blogs and forums these days, and so of course hopelessly behind in specifics of what's up at Threadwatch. My emails in the past (several years ago) were always with Nick W and I stupidly assumed he was still active. Didn't mean to offend, just an honest mistake.

The Board typically doesn't post personally on forums representing the organization, and this is why! When we make mistakes it reflects poorly on the whole organization, so we usually leave it up to the professionals on the PR team.

As to my references to having so many detractors here, this was a specific reference to some earlier posts about SEMPO being heavily weighted towards the advertising side of the industry. My intent was to let you know that we are doing our best to represent many people far and wide, on all sides of the industry worldwide. Did you know, for example, that we have working groups in UK, EU, India, Spain, and Canada? We have members in 21 countries.

I hope that my clumsy attempt to "make friends" with you all here won't give you reason not to participate in the survey. The initial results from the survey are looking interesting, and a couple of surprises may be evolving, but we really need more data to know for sure.

Best regards, and please do forgive my poor posting manners...didn't mean to sound spammy, just really want/need your help!


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