Google exposes web surveillance cams

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Google exposes web surveillance cams
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Blogs and message forums buzzed this week with the discovery that a pair of simple Google searches permits access to well over 1,000 unprotected surveillance cameras around the world - apparently without their owners' knowledge.

Searching on certain strings within a URL sniffs out networked cameras that have Web interfaces permitting their owners to view them remotely, and even direct the cameras' motorized pan-and-tilt mechanisms from the comfort of their own desktop.

One such query is inurl:"view/index.shtml". As some of the cams are controllable, I would image they would be spinning all over the place about now. Secure your cams people!



I spent more than half an hour playing with those things the other day, fun eh? :-)

Makes you wonder what other mischief is out there to be found with just the right search...

Another securing your data topic

Pretty much the same theme as this post - security by obscurity alone isn't a viable model in this day and age.

Given that network webcams aren't that cheap and not something you'd just buy & set up on a whim, I'm surprised the people running them haven't implemented some rules at their firewall/router or even just thrown up a little authentication if they don't want people checking out their cams on the quiet.

This one scared the f*** out of me...

Like Nick, I did the search out of pure curiousity too... this third one scared the f***ing crap out of me! LMAO

I love the way

I love the way The Register reports this as 'Google exposes web surveillance cams'... It's as if Google put them on their homepage with the text 'hey everyone - take a look at some unsecured webcams here - hours of fun!'...

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