Google using Adwords title in organic SERPs


Google is using the title of an AdWords ad as the listing title in the organic SERPs. It happens on a search for my wife's name (see image below). The SERP headline is an exact match of her Local Business Ad in the Adwords system. There's not a page on the web site with a [TITLE] like that.

When you search for her domain name, you get the regular page [TITLE] to show up (see below). How on earth does this "improve the user experience", as Google is so fond of claiming they're focused on? How does it improve the advertiser's experience?

Anyone ever see this before? I say it's time for a NOADWORDS tag.

Organic Google SERP using Adwords title

Organic Google SERP using page title


It is from DMOZ


You're right Amit, i'd suggest using the NOODP tag pleeker :)

Yup, sounds like NOODP is

Yup, sounds like NOODP is what you want..


A guy on SEW Forums pointed it out to me last night shortly after I submitted this here. :) Can't say I recall ever submitting to ODP, but so be it.

Now if Google would stop taking the Local Business Ad I did for Maps and showing it in the regular AdWords system (on, outside of Maps), everything would be perfect. (hint, hint)

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