Typo Squatting Tool


Our own beloved Webprofessor has been busy in his SEO mad scientist laboratory and cranked out a script that generates a bunch of alternate Typo spellings and checks to see if they are registered or not.

To make easy money with Typo Squatting all you need to do is a follow a three step process.

1. Go to the Typo Squatter tool.
2. Enter domain you want to find free typo’s of.
3. Press the “Find Typo’s” button and wait for free typo domains to be listed.

I played with it for a few minutes and it looked pretty useful cranking out a list of current available domains that were slightly off.

It came up with a few variations of Threadwatch that were available:


Thanks for the nice tool Webprofessor, keep 'em coming!


You can also find potential

You can also find potential squatters..

Shoemoney.com is the example I have been using to illustrate that.

Re: potential squatters

That part is really cool - here's a fun one.


this one's funny, too:

incredibill -> Error Type.. transposed key incredibill.com

(it swapped the first "L" for the second... doh!)

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