In a page right out of a Yahoo portal nightmare, I'm greeted this morning by this monstrousity (screenshot of Google trying out a new homepage).

Let's see. I'm looking for search, and they make all their money on search. So instead of focusing on search, they give me non-geotargetted weather (no money in that), two non-geotargetted news sections (no money in that), Google calendar (let's see...nope. no money in that), some weird date-time blob (I've got the time already on my task bar, thanks) and a 'How to make shot glass candles'.

Looks like they've got everything but.


Oh No

Oh no.

Thats been out there for

Thats been out there for ages. I love it and have it as my default

I also..

...have been using 'Personalised Search' for a while now as well. It quite handy for feeds and you don't have to use it as a home page.
Threadwatch disappeared from the ig directory for a while, which is annoying when you lose your cookie after signing into other accounts such as adwords/mail/etc, but it's back again now. :)

Hang On Though

See links at top right? Sign in? Classic home? Presumably this is not personalised search, and that's your point, wheel?

I didn't ask for this

I didn't ask for this page...I just got it delivered to me.

Barring some stupid mistake (entirely possible) this was Google's decision to provide this to me.

Its not going to replace the main page

its just an option, :) everyone can have it :)

Time and date?

It's just hard to tell what the time and date is on that page :)

I thought this was only

I thought this was only served to people who requested it?

My boss has it set to this, he loves it!!

happens for me as well...

This is showing up for me, too, though I have been using Personalized Home for a while on Google. But, redirecting me to the personal homepage when I was going to the Classic is a new thing.

Whenever this happens to me,

Whenever this happens to me, it's always been because my wife was using my computer. The state is sticky and she likes the personalized homepage, so when she uses the browser on my machine, she clicks to the personalized home page (and then leaves it there). Just click on "Classic Home" in the top right to go back to the simple/small/sleek search box page.

So where's the consistency?

I've been getting it on and off (usually off, to be fair) for some 2-3 weeks now, too, without ever asking for it - and without any else having so much as touched that system. It's quite clearly a bug issue when you do get it in one browser window but not in the next, or when it only happens once on one day and never after for a full week or so ...

At least it's...

customizable, which I actually think Yahoo would do well to add into the mix.

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