Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Google's apparently doing some shake up in the serps. Taking a page from MSN there's lots of blogspot crap filling in some of the competitive arenas.

A search for 'adult toys'(*) shows anywhere between 3 and 5 results coming in from blogspot pages. Just what the consumer needs? Or just what googleplex needs (some extra adwords income for the holidays). Ho! Ho! Ho!

I've noticed this on and off for the last few days in my own competitive niche as well. Really surprising to see newbie search issues like this in these competitive areas on Google.

Beginnings of a related talk over at webmasterworld as well.


Greenpeace Sex toying

I follow sex toys related serps close and just recently Greenpeace took the first spot for "Sex Toys".

The report on the Greenpeace site is interesting, but nevertheless this a clear attempt from google to cash in during this xmass period. Even more so when you now get Wikipedia ranking top 5 for this ultra competitive keyword too.

How Can I Put This?

No whining. Plenty of other venues for that.

More :) is #1 and is #2 for [buy viagra] :D

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