Can 800 Diggers Possibly be Wrong


In what's turning out to be the most public faux pas to date, the 800 lb gorilla of social media went for the fake banana yesterday. Muhammad Saleem reports that a hoax marketing story about Sony Playstaytion 3's being recalled not only made the homepage but got over 800+ diggs. (see Limitations of Socially Driven News).

Gaming Digg is nothing new, I know of several Threadwatch regulars, myself included who are playing in the traffic jackpot. I've stated it before that Diggers have an editorial bias and by playing into or contrary to those biases can achieve the results you desire. Muhammad also seems to realize that having 800 muppet editors isn't always a good thing

Is bias in social media so strong that people will believe anything (as long as it is pro-Apple, or pro-Nintendo, anti-Microsoft, or anti-Sony, and so on…)? This instance does show us that because of community bias, the community may not be a perfect tool for editorial control, but does this allow us to make the case for having professional (hired) editors/moderators on socially driven news sites?

Lastly in the past when stories were inaccurate they were usually accompanied by a warning message at the top. However in this case it looks like Digg pulled the story from the system entirely. Sweeping things under the virtual carpet now are we?


manipulating the collective conscious...

This reminded me of this column on SEO Blackhat that I found really amusing:

10 Steps to Guarantee You Make the Digg Front Page

His tips on this are mostly in the way of social engineering an article to be attractive to digg users. The only thing "blackhat" about it is perhaps the couple of tips that recommend using false or at least fictional information to attract attention. Yet, falsity in promotion is generally a long-held tradition in press releases and such, even if we deplore it...

While we're on the subject

While we're on the subject of gaming Digg - went on Ebay today.

Calling webspam team... low

Calling webspam team... low quality signal on Aisle Digg.... calling webspam team

A mob is a mob, and mobs are

A mob is a mob, and mobs are hard to stop. If you keep the guns and knives away from the mob, they show up with picks, axes, and shovels. Social media is just that... and there is no stopping it except via social methods.

Nothing new, just a colorful new demonstration of the mob mentality (and a reminder for those who convinced themselves Digg was more accurate than SlashDot).

2 quotes for you, John

"There's no justice like angry mob justice!" --Seymour Skinner

"The problem with the global village is all the global village idiots." Paul Ginsparg

The problem with the global

The problem with the global village is all the global village idiots

Priceless. And the t-shirt someone pointed out to me in Vegas...

"I'll be nicer as soon as you stop being so stupid"


that'll work well in my sew profile tagline

Here's on I devised personally:

"The less you talk the more I like you."

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