China sentences Web porn king to life in prison


Talk about a zero tolerance policy:

A Chinese court sentenced the founder of the country's largest pornography Web site "Pornographic Summer" to life imprisonment on Wednesday and jailed another eight of the site's organizers, state media reported.

Reuter's story here


Every once in a while China

Every once in a while China gets it right.


Every once in a while China gets it right.

Are you stooopid?

Remember ...

... we are talking China here. The justice system there is heavy handed and without mercy, and the laws pertaining to pornography are quite specific and harsh.

There was a case some time ago where a few TV Technitions were caught watching porn in the Control Room of a TV Station when they hit the wrong button and started broadcasting it. They were tried, convicted and executed very quickly. There are many other similar events where justice has been quick and decisive and from personal experience it also extends to street level. Perhaps the gentleman in question should consider himself lucky to have only receive a life sentence.

It not all that different

It not all that different back here in the U.S.


We aren't far off

We aren't far off from them when it comes to how we treat adult material online. The recent government has gone through many lengths to make laws that make it near impossible to make or promote porn.

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