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It may be a holiday in the US but I hope some algo boys n gals at Yahoo are still working today.

According to The Register if you search Yahoo Images for the phrase "franchise" you get to see lots and lots of porn. I've taken a look (purely for research reasons of course) and unlike The Register I get to see the images with Safe Search on! (hmmm, didn't I have lunch last week at PubCon with someone that know's a little about SafeSearch. I wonder if he could help the Yahoo team?)

This needs some tweaking ASAP but it does show that the Yahoo image search is heavily keyword in filename biased!

Warning - Clicking the following link will lead to the SERPs discussed about above

You have Been Warned, proceed at own risk


It's nice to see Yahoo

It's nice to see Yahoo trying to push horse p0rn to a wider community.


You know it's really nice to see a lot of diversity in those results, no matter what you're into it looks like they have got you covered (purely for research reasons)

Clicked - ah, yack.

Clicked - ah, yack.

Three Big Chicks....

...and I was gone

>> It's nice to see Yahoo

>> It's nice to see Yahoo trying to push horse p0rn to a wider community.

Oaken patina moment...

Thanks Yahoo!

I won't be eating half the turkey I planned on today. The pic of the 3 big gals killed my appetite.

Nasty! (bookmarking now...)

Nasty! (bookmarking now...)

20 out of 20. Pretty much a

20 out of 20. Pretty much a clean sweep.

Why..... it when I do a search for Dick's (Dick's Sporting Goods in my home State) do I get PAID ads for such things as "See Guys With Big Dicks F+++++G" etc????

I may be a little wrong with the wording but when I'm searching for stuff at Dicks I get these paid ads showing up - who writes the fricking guidelines???

I have kids too.....

Not you guys Matt

Cut Pasted

# Free Dick Fucking Links with Credit Card
Get free dick fucking links that are safe, secure and discreet.
www. *edited-out*. com

Came up in a search for Dicks - What about the kids looking for something nice for Dad for Christmas? The Dicks here you can't call fishing rods can you???

So WHO allows the word fucking into a search????

Wrong very, very wrong....

{Edited the URL out. Enough pr0n for one day. So shoot me. Mat}

well don't paste it here

well don't paste it here then and give him some link juice :)


For the edit - wasn't thinking - in laws downstairs talking about the state of the world.


Hmmm, I'd have to wonder why "those images" are attached to "that site". Where does the "football" correlation come in? ;)

I don't see a thing.

Fixed (as in: cleaned up) or geotargetted? I dunno.


Well done the Yahoo, one

Well done the Yahoo team, one small segment of the SERPs are clean again :)

No horses this time though.

No horses this time though.

No horses this time

No horses this time though.

You can't have everything :)

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