Search Marketing Association Europe - what happened?


Another one bites the dust I'm affraid, as the domain has epxired and now holds one of the usual spammy holding pages.

What happend to SMA-eu? They launched with gun blazzing trying to tell eveyone that THIS was the Euro organisation for SEM/SEO, but they died down very very fast. We never got an answer to our initial application so of course we ditched it all together. But people have been asking lately?
SMA-UK seems up and running..


SMA EU appears to be dead,

SMA EU appears to be dead, and I'm currently in contact with Barry Lloyd and Mike Grehan to see if SMA UK can be revived:

I wondered this myself back

I wondered this myself back in August, and asked if anyone knew anything on my blog. No answers though. Alas poor SMA.

Money for Nothing

Withi the last couple of weeks, SMA-UK asked me for money to renew my membership.

I replied that during the first year I didn't get a single thing out of it - no conferences/meet ups etc, but would there be any for this upcoming year.

Haven't heard back yet.

SEMPO is the U.N.

Search is a global industry whose platforms vary very little worldwide, so why the need for regional organizations? We already have SEMPO; why not just have a UK or European chapter of SEMPO?


SEMPO is enough

The UK speaks English, Germany does speak English, Skandinavia does, France does to a certain degree and the rest of Europe is still some time behind, when it comes to SEM/SEO volume.

There is no need for a cross European organization. I won't give any European organization from Europe a chance anyways, b/c of local organizations e.g. chamber of commerce, ....

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