Yahoo! Cranks up it's Ad Biz with Online and Print Campaign

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Yahoo! Plugs Targeting Power
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Yahoo! are rolling out an online campaign targeted at companies yet to embrace online advertising - they'll be publishing ads in WSJ and NYT for starters, followed by a print campaign starting on the 17th Jan.

One particulary interesting point is that they will be targeting specific domains, ie - if you're coming in from a known agency then they'll have ads just for you. Nice way to demo the tech huh?

Yahoo! plans to use domain targeting with the campaign, which will involve displaying ads to visitors coming from Internet protocol addresses of specific companies--including ad agencies, clients, and prospective clients.

Conceived by WPP's Soho Square, the online campaign features Yahoo! clients wearing t-shirts with specific ad-related messages. For instance, one online ad--a large rectangle--stars Pepsi-Cola North America Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Dave Burwick wearing a t-shirt that says "Fizz Engine."

More text appears when visitors roll the mouse over the rectangle. For example, when the mouse rests on the t-shirt, a cartoon-style balloon appears that reads: "With innovative ad units and deep customer insights, Yahoo! gives Dave's sales more fizz." Another ad features Dwight Caines, senior vice president, worldwide digital marketing strategy at Sony Pictures. Executives from other companies including Intel, Sheraton, and Chrysler will also appear in the campaign.

Shereshewsky said that the text will also highlight Yahoo!'s behavioral targeting capabilities. For instance, to attract automobile manufacturers, Yahoo! will emphasize that it knows when consumers have recently looked at cars online, even if those consumers are currently looking at stock prices, said Shereshewsky.

Why does the marketing news coming out of Yahoo always seem just that little bit more interesting than other engines? Maybe it's just me...